Impeachment of Donald J Trump **Official Thread**

Discussion in 'Politics' started by schuylaar, May 13, 2017.

    greg nr

    greg nr Well-Known Member

    Everyone keeps talking about this magical missile. It doesn't exist. If they use nukes, they will be short range tactical strikes, not long range strategic ones. The long range claims are only that. They just don't (yet) have a missile that can carry a payload over that distance, nor do they likely have a payload that could be delivered via missile light enough to be practical.

    But even so, they don't really need them. Military experts say that if nk were to launch a conventional attack against sk, they would quickly overwhelm both us and sk defenses. They have a huge numerical advantage and they are a professional army. Sure, we have better tech, but the analysis shows the numerical advantage would overcome our defenses.

    Their losses would be astronomical, but they could win if they had the discipline. Keep poking and provoking, and sooner or later they are going to explode.

    But the missile thing is just fear mongering. Both sides are guilty, but nobody really takes it seriously yet.
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    Lucky Luke

    Lucky Luke Well-Known Member

    NK wont attack anyone. They just enjoy the attention that Trump gives them. If anyone causes a war in the region it will be Trump. And we know American leaders use war for the popularity spike so expect it closer to the next election.

    rkymtnman Well-Known Member

    I don't think NK has a death wish. They will cease to exist if they launch a first strike.

    But I would not be anywhere near South Korea during the Winter Olympics in February 2018.
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    SneekyNinja Well-Known Member

    You're really behind the times man, they've had miniaturized fission devices and the delivery system to suit them for months.

    They've moved onto H bombs now and are probably working tirelessly to reduce their volume too.

    captainmorgan Well-Known Member

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    Sour Wreck

    Sour Wreck Well-Known Member

    amazon sells this, lol...


    captainmorgan Well-Known Member

    This must just be a coincidence lol.


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    dagwood45431 Well-Known Member

    Pennies on the dollar. Sick.
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    SneekyNinja Well-Known Member

    The thing I don't understand is why do they need to keep going?

    Surely at some point you have all the money you could ever need and just say "Fuck this I'm out, I'm off to my private island to enjoy the rest of my life with my $750mill away from all this bullshit"
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    cuddlesthesheep Well-Known Member

    While I think they have money that no person ever should.. I'm still always dead set against an estate tax.. you don't need to penalize a person's family because they were smarter (in some cases) with their money. They already paid taxes on it.. you don't need to punish them for not ending their life with $0

    schuylaar Well-Known Member

    the reason why we should not is because families become autocrat oligarchy which is the very reason people hopped a boat, crossed a sea and landed in a place where the natives weren't so friendly to get away from this disturbing practice.

    Our framers weren't stupid THEY instituted this..nor will you end up with just limits generational UBER wealth or you get a few people with a lot of money who call the shots in government just like they're doing now.

    personally, i don't think a president should have anyone else in their family be eligible to run..too close to monarchy.
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    greg nr

    greg nr Well-Known Member

    The estate tax is already at a very high limit. Something like the first $10M is exempt. It is a good vehicle for a lot of reasons, one notably to prevent a royal class from forming. Nobody is entitled to being a billionare. Just because your great granpappy was, doesn't mean you deserve it.

    Even with an estate tax, trumps kids would still be mega rich. It's probably the only point in their miserable lives they will pay any tax at all.
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    cuddlesthesheep Well-Known Member

    .. but with or without this law millionaires would still pass millions on to children and billionaires still pass billions to children.. I know I will never need to worry about this law but at the same time I find it unnecessary and a double taxation.

    Grandpapy Well-Known Member

    National Park fees jump to $70. Aspirin still $5 each on my hospital bill.
    Public water systems falling to 3 world standards.
    Exxon educating the children of the mid-west.

    The Millionaires children are Idiots that consider communist labor a good thing .
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    Justin-case Well-Known Member

    My friend was bitching about inheriting half a million, because he had to pay taxes on it. I looked at him like the jack ass he is, and told him he could give it to me, and I'd gladly pay the taxes for him. Income is, is income, is income, it's taxable. Further, the wealthy's hands aren't tied on this matter, there are plenty of other ways besides cash to leave an estate to your family.
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    greg nr

    greg nr Well-Known Member

    Why? It's just like income. If I gave you a $1M gift, it would be taxable at the top rate - BECAUSE it is income you received. I can give you $10k a year tax free, but anything over that is income.

    The lottery works the same way - it becomes income.

    Same with an inheritance. It isn't the kids money until someone dies. When it transfers to them, it is income. It should be taxed. It isn't double taxation. It is all at the individual level.
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    schuylaar Well-Known Member

    Except, they will be in jail of course. Plenty for commissary.
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    schuylaar Well-Known Member

    or anyone for that matter..they rip off vendors, professionals and banks.

    schuylaar Well-Known Member

    we just explained why..did you not understand?
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