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    Hi friends Im live in Turkey. Weeds plants are starting in March. But ı want start this between November to March with indoor growing and transfer to outdoor on March.. Flowering time is starting with 21. Days of September. Can I do this? can my girls 11 month live?? And this mind possibility? I want grow mj trees.if possible How many yields give me this plants? Sorry for my rudeness friends my english very bad.Thanks in advance to friends who will help.
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    im not sure i fully get what your asking.. but if you grow a pot plant for 11 months it will be a tree. make sure you use a huge pot for it. and make sure that the plant remains in over 12 hours light for the veg period. it takes about 9 or 10 weeks to finish most pot strains.

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    Only 5 months indoor growing - 5 months outdoor growing.. how much gallon pots for 5 month

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    Depend if you are planting them in the ground outside or you are keeping them in pots when outside. A plant can get quite large in 5 months of indoor growth.
    For that long I would go with a minimum of 45 gallons or 170 liters. Going to be hell trying to move it outdoors after 5 months of growth. I usually don't like to guess weight but anything less than 3 lbs would be a disappointment.

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    Look friends.First picture was pulled on April 29th..The second picture was taken on May 29th. June 10 third photo I moved to indoor. And I moved to outdoor without pots on 30 june. Last photo I pulled now. I'M want only start October or early next year but ı dont know plants be good. I dont know possible this.. I want huge trees and huge yields

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    I started my plants in April and moved them outside in May and won't harvest until end of October. Your only limitations are duration of light and pot size. For a grow time that long you need to move in ground as soon as daylight permits(atleast 14 hours in my experience). I moved some of mine in ground(3×2×2 holes) and some in 45 gallon smart pots and there is a significant difference in size. If you do anything less than large holes in ground, the long grow time will have no positive impact on your grow.

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    Thanks bro for help. My girls current needs some this nute burn? tempature is 38 c direct sunlight 5 hour per day

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    Hey I know I'm a little late to the party but unless you have twisting leaves that I can't see in the pics I'm pretty sure u have a nutrient deficiency. I'm guessing that if you flush and add a little more calmag you will be fine. But your plants are stunted the second set of 5 fingered leaves should be the size of a grown mans hand.

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    And are they out side?

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    Yes my girls outside. Thanks for helps bro :)

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    Sort of pointless to try an 11 month grow until you can keep a plant healthy through a 6 month grow. Keep learning.
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    38oC is very hot for most cannabis strains, and typically stunts growth, or creates other problems.
    In Turkey you probably have an Indica dominant, if not pure (cool!) strain. If it's of local origin, it should be able to withstand the climate.
    Nutrients are another subject, and can be difficult to manage outdoors. If you are farming you should be able to create optimum conditions. If it's a guerilla grow, any harvest is a good harvest. Best of luck!

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    Best thing to do, is not to worry about huge containers...if your plants are getting too big indoors, just top can literally cut them in half if they got too big...Manage the size till your ready to put them outside...If your going to have in containers when outside, 10 gal would be ideal...small enuf to manage but big enuf for a righteous root system...too small of a container and you would need to water a cpl times a day....When starting indoor like you plan, use a container with smooth inside can easily (but carefully) slide a good side plant out of the smaller container and transplant to a larger continer to finish it outside....

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    If you have sufficient light and very large pots (10 or 15 gal) indoor you could do it but they'll be monsters by the time you put them outdoors. When you plant them outdoors you'll need either 50+ gallon pots or better, put them in the ground.

    Here's 2x clones that were vegged for 4 weeks indoor, then brought out in 15 gal fabric pots end of May, they finished beginning of October. 1/3rd of the plant on the left was broken off by a tree branch that fell on it.

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