INKBIRD August Giveaway — Enter to Win Co2 Controller!


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:blsmoke: Hi RIU Members,

Hope that you are doing well today. We're giving away our ICC-500T Co2 controller to you great people here, as well as show our gratitude for your huge support.

➡To enter...
⭐Like this thread and follow @Inkbird on RIU
⭐Visit Inkbird Storefront and tell us which unit do you like to see for the next giveaway!

More details of the prize can be found here:

ICC-500T Co2 controller would be perfect for regulating the Co2 at your desired level in your tent. Plug & Play - Easy to use!
The winner will be picked up on Aug 26. Package will be directly shipped to you. We cover shipping costs so everything is free!

If you want to order on your own...Save 20% off with Amazon on-page coupon.
USA Store:
Canada Store:

Good Luck everyone!:weed:



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I’d like to see the IBS-M1 for next giveaway, it’s the kind of thing id never buy but would have some fun with it I had one.


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Inkbird has some solid products! Good luck yall. If I had to choose a give away for next time id be interested in the wifi gateway, that would be badass. I like their temp/humidity loggers


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Be cool to get a chance to win yer Inkbird C206T Heat Mat Temperature Controller. Would of made a heck of a difference when I did my germination.


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I already use the Inkbird ITH-10 Hygrometer. It works great in mason jars for curing weed. I would love to see inkbird c206T for the next giveaway.
Thank you @Inkbird for hosting this give away !! Good luck everyone.


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As a guitar player, I’d love to see a ITH-10 go up next time!

As always, thanks for running these.


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Thanks for the opportunity , I checked the store and loved your Inkbird ITC 308 Temp. controller with IHC and IHC 200 humidty controller. Would be lovely to see them in upcoming giveaways :)

I hope so i am on time and still eligible :)