Invasion of the loudmouths

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    I assume that tastes better than it looks. Sliced bananas? Shouldn't you be using plantains?
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    Shut the fuck up, scumbag.
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    looks good to me, just a little extra liquid still.
    i use 80\20 ground meat or leaner unless i'm doing meatballs or loaf. in which case i drain fat. picadillo can be soupy to taste or from both or tomato. i like to either roast the tomatoes or simmer about 3- 5 with 3 cups water a spoon of sugar , dash salt and a bay leaf maybe sage , sometimes chillies and or more. simmer high till frothy then reduce heat and reduce liquid.. can reduce to stewed, sauce or all the way to ketchup this way keep eye on water maybe add if cooking down more.
    Also have a method i try to use infrequently where i will cook some things separately while other stuff rests in a bowl or plate or cup for liquids then i combine; this allows me to find optimal ratios and to use less burners and pots and pans. it also helps me create , if i fuck up i can just not use that portion. it also takes me much longer than a pro esp. when creating.

    heres some ideas from the last year based on the peccadillo and chicharron meal posted earlier. i mix it up but heres ground meat and chicken schnitzel (fried chicken) 20160704_170652.jpg 20160712_215140.jpg 20160721_193235.jpg IMG_20160818_214301.jpg IMG_20160818_214700.jpg IMG_20160818_215406.jpg IMG_20160823_174848.jpg IMG_20160823_175610.jpg IMG_20160824_223158.jpg IMG_20161014_201240.jpg

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    Doesn't anyone else here regularly watch Sargon of Akkad's work?

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    Could only get through the first two subjects. The first, Amy Schumer's apparently abysmally bad show on Netflix the guy did a good job of shredding the show. I don't know why he made a reference to the left somehow protecting her but whatever, he has an ax to grind.

    The story about Muslim religious extremism creeping in through the principals office sent me to the web to fact check. It seems to be a true story. I don't know why he made a reference to the left somehow protecting the principal but whatever, he has an ax to grind.

    about 9 minutes. The remaining 20 minutes was too much to comtemplate.
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    Eh? So that was your first time? That story should have been skipped. It was the rest of the vid that I found more worthy of consideration. Sargon tends to circle around topics of feminism and SJWs, but his focus has been extended with the circus that has blown-in with Trump. He's a well-read man (and father) who I regularly find to be insightful, yet leaving room for respectful disagreement.

    If you had the curiosity to explore further, you would have come across an article--along with Sargon's sharp dismantling of it--that dared to suggest swapping babies randomly at birth would eliminate racism.

    A Psych. Ph.D. wrote that article in complete seriousness ! But perhaps some on here would think it a good idea, too?
    It is that kind of short-sighted do-goodery which he attacks with panache, that makes his work worth viewing every week, for me. I can see how his output is too long for you, knowing your preferences, though.

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    Abandoning the Fairness Doctrine allowed the corporate owners of the channels these loudmouths inhabit to simply leave the progressive seat at the mic unfilled. It's not a lack of talent on the left, it's simple unchecked bias.

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    It is impossibly subjective.

    HAF2 Well-Known Member

    Had to do some googling

    I have no recollection of news or radio programs when this was still implemented.

    But today everyone with a computer or the ability to record their voice for a satalite radio station can be one of these entertainment personalities. Seems like the fairness doctrine, if it still existed, would be almost impossible to implement across the board.

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    RWNJ radio sells because whipping bitter and frightened old white dudes into a paranoid frenzy and then giving them a perceived safe space is easy and profitable. There is no similar product that could be sold to the multi-cultural, multi-racial, multi-generational left. Truth and facts have a liberal bias. We don't need no stinking 24/7 spin room to feel good about ourselves.
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    Heyyyy name caller! Still chicken?
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    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    So abandoning any requirements for fairness at all is an improvement?

    I rather think not.

    UncleBuck Well-Known Member

    he calls it a thought experiment in the first paragraph.

    go piss your pants at the thought of a muslim and post your latest dissertation that is too nutty even for climate deniers.
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    Unclebaldrick Well-Known Member

    In light of the internet, I would think that it is the illusion of fairness is impossible. It invariably would come down to some sort of council that would be politically gut-shot to begin with. We must rely on the American people to distinguish fact from fiction. Or enough of them to preclude another Trump. It is our only defense. Tough love.
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    we still talkin food here?
    everything tastes better with bacon wrapped around it..

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    I don't listen to Australian right wing radio much but it's similar to the US. The idea of a monolithic left that always makes the wrong choice, like protecting a shitty comedian because (I still have no idea why). It's a complicated world which what's his name in your post simplifies by putting up a straw man leftist to knock down. What I heard was propaganda, not an interesting commentary.

    That said, he was witty and I'd probably put him on the radio for entertainment during a long drive. He wasn't as bad as Limbaugh.
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    Is there anything inside?

    I like cream cheese in the middle or if I'm feeling Italian I put chopped mozzarella, chopped tomato, and pesto inside.

    I've decided to start using Oxford commas, ya'll gotta deal with it.
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    If they use FCC airwaves, they'd be required to provide equal time for opposing views.

    Doing away with this rule allowed those who own the radio and TV networks to impose their own viewpoint, undiluted.

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