is cannabis strong aphrodisiac to you? fems vs regs


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Get yourself some proper regular seeds and take a cold shower. Nothing special about fems that regs can't do better.
Fems do not yield more.

They are weaker on average.

They show more instability and recessives especially in following generations.

Fems are ruining the genepool. I am aware of how much they are being used and it is disturbing.

They are the results of lazy breeding that is out of touch with all sides of the genetics including Males.

People have bred this plant from a wild low cannabinoid plant into something that is on a completely different magnitude. So not all natural traits should be selected for.

For example, environmental factors can cause a plant to herm. Those are weaker plants that should be removed. In fact using dark periods interchanged with veg cycles can help you find and eliminate both intersexual traits and autoflowering traits.
So much of this is incorrect.

The only thing that regular seeds can do that "feminized" seeds can't, is carry a Y chromosome, which is why you get some male plants from regular seeds. I've yet to see any scientific evidence that says otherwise.

The seeds should be called "female" instead of "feminized", because the word "feminized" implies that something about them was changed when that's not the case. It's not like male seeds were converted into females.

Autoflowers are a completely different story, but breeding is doing wonders for them, and you can already find amazing autoflower strains, that I'd bet you couldn't tell apart from most photoperiods, in a smoke test. I'm expecting that within several years, especially with the surge of new legal breeders,there will be some new autoflower strains, that can only be distinguished form photoperiod strains by the fact that they flower automatically.


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I heard someone say they make cookies fro the roots for this... I have no idea if it works.


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Im wondering if any of you guys experienced these aphrodisiac effects from bud and if it may be caused by the fact that the bud was feminized better said genetically modified
or may this be caused by the sudden munchies?
When I was a young gave me a redwood.!


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To suggest feelings of sexual desire may be caused by munchies is very short sighted.

How about we assume there are a number of factors and chemicals involved as per modern science...........