Is the plant too stressed?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by blueharvest, Jun 25, 2010.


    blueharvest Member

    I only have 1 plant still surviving after just a month of growing-mother natures a bitch. apparently the section of abandoned field i planted in is very low and collects alot of rain. last week we got alot of rain and at least 50% of my plant was submerged for 2 days, i couldnt help it i was gone. the same thing happened yesterday and it just rained alot today. but after it dried out last week it looked strong and healthy which is hopefully what will happen again. its probably not more than 7 inches tall. i live in a mostly sandy area which is why i didnt think the water would just collect and be stagnant for a day or two. do you think it will survive? even then do you think it will be male/hermie because of the stress?

    420BongRips Well-Known Member

    That one plant should do fine, the only thing drowning will do is put the plant to "sleep" for a little while since the roots have no oxygen. After a while and subjected to light, it will wake up and start working again. So, you may experience growth stunt for a day or two but everything else should be fine.

    Steph187 Active Member

    Weed naturally greows in swamps,dude. It will be fine. Weed is VERY hardy against the elements. Its the animals and insects that will get em.

    blueharvest Member

    Well there is still at least 3 inches of standing water, 12 inches at most. And I cant see the plant anywhere anymore, not even sort of floating like it was. But i guess I'll see when it all dries out. And I will never plant there again, that's for sure.

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