Journeys & Journals : My Perpetual DWC & Soil DIY 1200w Strip Lights


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So I wanted to start journal to keep track of my grows. I'll add more info over the next couple days to get caught up to where I am. With that being said, let me provide the specs and details of my grow spaces and what's inside them. I have been growing perpetually for some time now. Just recently, switched over to DWC from being in soil since the start. I like to run multi strains as well. Love my variety. So with that being's my info.

Seedlings & Clones: I have a small 2.5 x 2.5 box that I built to start my babies and any cuts I take. While it's not often that I use this box, it does get its use. I had cut two 4in holes near the top and bottom of the box. One for intake and one for exhaust. Door can be shut. I also have a small clip fan on the inside as well. Light used in this area is a Mars-Hydro TS-1000. Here's the box with an older LED I was using before putting the 1000 in there.


Vegetative: Once I transplant them into their final pots, I then move them into my larger veg tent which is a 4x4. I am in the process of customizing a strip light like I did my flowering room. Anyways....I use a Mars-Hydro TS-3000 in the 4x4 tent. I run two 6in inline fans for intake and exhaust. Normally I don't need to run a humidifier in there either. Temps average 80f and 50% RH. Drivers mounted outside the tent as well. I also use two 6in oscillating fans as well.


Flowering: Once I get to this stage...( I like to veg my DWC plants for 5-6 weeks on average and my soil plants for 6-8 weeks. ) I have a 5x8 flowering room. I just upgraded my lighting to two DIY 610w strip light LED's. Each panel has 8 strips and each light has 2 panels. 32 strips in total for both lights. I am also adding dimmers to mimic the sunrise/sunset in the next couple days. I will be building something remotely close for my veg tent. The 5x8 room was a closet that I knocked down and extended. I have 2 wall mounted oscillating fans on each side with one 6 in. intake and one 6in. exhaust. Temps average 75f with 45% RH.

Here's when I added the very first one. Second one is installed. Will update lights on tomorrow.

Now that I have my grow rooms out....let's get down to what I am using and what I am growing!!!

First up are my DWC buckets. DIY, Lowe's 5 gallon buckets w/ lids spray painted black. I am using 1 air line per bucket with a flat plate like air stone. Seems to distribute the bubbles more evenly. I run no chillers of any kind nor do I do anything to make the water colder. water stays below 80F and runs in the 75f range. Each bucket has 6in net pots filled with clay pebbles. I also use rockwool too for the DWC plants.

My soil plants get Fox Farm Ocean Forest. One of the easiest and most common soils used for cannabis. I start off in Solo cups and around week 2, I'll transplant to their final 5 gallon fabric pots. However, I am moving to 7 gallon fabrics this time around.

Topping and training applied around week 2 going into week 3. Continued training right into the first week or 2 of flower.

I use the Fox Farm trio for my soil plants including Cal-Mag from GH. I use the Flora Series from GH for my hydro plants.

Here is what I currently have in veg...DWC plants are as follow: Jack Herer, Blue Monster, 3 Run Homer and Peanut Butter Breath. My soil plants are as follows: Cosmic Lights, Washing Machine, Shock Trauma, Power Glue, Expert Gorilla, Blue Tahoe Cheese, Love Potion 69.

Cuts arriving over the next few days: Strawberry Cough (Kushman cut), Jbeezy Wedding Cake and Blue Diesel. I also have some ESO genetics and 2 cuts from Heisenbeans. ( Gucciberry and Mac1 )
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I moved my 4 DWC plants over into the flower room today. Normally, I like to give them 2 days of full darkness before flipping but I didnt feel like hooking the lines up a bunch of times. Pics incoming...Got room now in the veg tent for when my clones arrive.


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Got a little room in my veg tent for the new arrivals after their quarantine.

Flower room looking better with more plants in it...

Next plant to be chopped down..Maybe 2 weeks longer. She's getting there.