laplata labs-lemon alien pack Hermes runts maybe bad luck4 me

bought a pack of 5 lemon alien seeds at the expo last year was very excited for this one . first seed was sprouted and was such a runt in veg behind my other strains i end up tossing because it was about 6 inch while my other strains had hit over a foot and a half . next seed was male and the next two look real good smell relay good great bushy plant two weeks into flower all lemon aliens have grown ball sacks and pistils all other strains in room were fine, so they had too be tossed out. has any else had experience with laplata i am thinking i probably just got a bad pack but i do have one seed left .o_O



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Laplata is the one of the only breeders that I have consistently had bad luck with

Dont know what the deal is


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I popped 10 LA got 2 mothers after selecting the best of the bunch and out of those 2 I’m going to keep only one. She’s SUPER frosty, rock hard dense little nuggets. Nice piney lemony scent when I dry trim. I’m super happy with my LA even though she’s not a super high yielder