Led vs HPS growing

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    What happened to your account brother @hybridway2 ?
    Looks like your other is still there

    hybridway2 Well-Known Member

    Idk, I just can't access it. Long story based on me not using technology properly.
    Day 1 of flower. Try to get pics soon. Gotta lollipop tonight. Don't like doing it after flip but it's all behind schedule n gotta get done.
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    Stephenj37826 Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    @hybridway2 I think I would start at 30" and play it by ear.
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    hybridway2 Well-Known Member

    DAY 3
    HPS Side:
    image.jpg image.jpg 2 PurpCHem#4's under the Pro-4. The recyangujar shape fit perfect in the end cap gap. image.jpg LED SIDE: image.jpg installing the vertical zip poles tonight. That will spread them out some. image.jpg Some shorties w/ lens. image.jpg Just finished moving them around & setting branches.
    There's quite a variety here. Can never make things easy for myself. But here we go, off n running!
    Didn't set doubles for each side to do comparisons except for the SourD's under the Elite. Started them off @ 30" & now that they've gotten to 24" it's just too much. Started getting yellow leaves & an unhappy plant. So Stephen told me to dim it which worked. Within an hour she started showing signs of improvements.
    SourD under the Elite just dimmed: image.jpg
    SourD under 1000w Hortri DaylightBlue: image.jpg
    Veg under the Hydroponics Slut: image.jpg
    Back In Buss. 8-)
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    hybridway2 Well-Known Member

    An exciting day for me.
    Yup, I've got another surprise for everyone!
    Here's a peak of the map @ 9" for a 5'x5' that I received.
    Putting it together now & appears to be everything I wanted & needed in a light. Now I can finally grow close proximity.
    Will have to verify that hieght but I'm pretty sure it's 9".
    Super big thnx to Victor for making this style fixture & listening to the growers. I've been asking for this for awhile. Remote drivers, IP65, new spectrum. Just pure Awesomeness.
    Edit: I hope!

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    Prawn Connery

    Prawn Connery Well-Known Member

    The new grow looks really healthy mate - looks like you're nailing it!
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    OLD MOTHER SATIVA Well-Known Member

    remember hybridwaydude2

    less more with yer nutes..no more frying

    ps..due to winter..i now have an hps vs led test going..
    but re leds..dang they grow fat dense squat plants fast
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    hybridway2 Well-Known Member

    Thnx Prawn! Far from perfect or as nice as my plants used to be but not to bad. Still getting used to H&G & also set myself up for difficulty w/ so many strains, sizes & lights but it's an interesting challenge. lol.
    Saw your thread, good work. Welcome to led growing. Will be reading it as soon as I get a chance. Decided to try strips I see. Can't go wrong there.
    Hey man! How have you been? That's cool you're getting to do the side by side too. Will you be sharing? I like the veg/grow results I'm getting from the LEDs too. I'm pleased w/ The burple HH, enhanced Amare, & white Horizons in veg.
    The DaylightBlue Hortri's are my favorite MH bulbs but damn they are so expensive, don't last that long & when they're time is getting near the end you can see a noticeable difference in the spectrum (primarily green) causing the plants to stretch allot. At least that's what I've seen.
    How'd it go w/ all those fixtures you built?
    They looked pretty cool & sensible.
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    hybridway2 Well-Known Member

    Didn't get to hang the new SolarBar8 last night but will ASAP. It's day 8 now & things are looking good. Will try to get pics up tonight.
    The Plant under the Elite is happy now that it's dimmed. I Gotta get a watt-o-meter on that & another par-meter for the room.
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    hybridway2 Well-Known Member

    HPS Girls:
    Except this Pro-4 filling the gap w/ 2, PurpChem#4's.
    image.jpg 2, SourD under the MH still. Switching bulb soon. image.jpg 2, LAWoman#4 image.jpg image.jpg 2, GG's I almost cut down cuz they had something wrong w/ them their whole veg. Looking decent now though. Got lucky there. image.jpg
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    hybridway2 Well-Known Member

    Half the Bar8 is lighting up the 2 SnoopDogs in the isle now. They've just been growing off the side light from each side till now.
    View of some of the different lighting being used. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
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    GreenLogician Well-Known Member

    So much variety! It's like a grow light shop in there. (The grow light shops of the future)
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    hybridway2 Well-Known Member

    LED side
    SourD under Elite image.jpg
    LAWoman#3 under Pro-4's image.jpg
    LA#1 image.jpg
    Sad PurpChem#3. To bad too cuz she was one of the prettiest image.jpg
    2 JackHerras, 1 PillowFactory, 1 TangDream image.jpg
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  14. Great dude..!!
    Cool Innovation.This seems very nice and Keep it up..!!!
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    OLD MOTHER SATIVA Well-Known Member

    hybridway2 quote

    How'd it go w/ all those fixtures you built?
    They looked pretty cool & sensible.

    >>they are going really good..the lower watt no sink, higher watt fan sink and higher watt passive sink

    i have some 9"x 10" ones being made right now and the passive sinks being made also
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    hybridway2 Well-Known Member

    Ok, so forgot that I turned off the AC @ lights out & it's been off for 4 hrs of lights on.
    Walked into this, was 95 / 80%. image.jpg Haven't seen the plants this happy since day one. image.jpg image.jpg Even the sad PurpCHem perked. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg SourD MH image.jpg SourD Elite image.jpg

  17. Actually, they are really good going and their innovation is simply pretty...!!! :clap:
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    Evil-Mobo Well-Known Member

    Looking good brother was wondering where you been hiding!

    That sour D looks killer it's funny I was asking someone the other day about that strain. Can't wait to see your results. :fire:
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    hybridway2 Well-Known Member

    Thnx Evil! Missed you man! How's everything ? Would you mind updating your garden here? Last I knew you had AutoCobs going on 1 side & 2 big hoods w/ 6's on the other. Did those big hoods do alright w/ 600's ?
    Yeah, I pushed the wrong button on my phone & messed up everything. Almost didn't sign back up. Life is so different w/o RIU for me. Got allot more done. But I've got Protyopes to grow w/ & that's an obligation in itself. Ha!
    I know you've tried many different types of Lights, you liking the cobs best?

    There's a new line fixtures called the Amare Commercial series for the BigDawgs or anyone. They'll have all the certs UL, DLC, IP-65 & will be the first to carry the new UL 800 Certification. They've made one light to replace all their lights under 500w too. That one's going to be real popular.
    I'll tell ya, tech upgrades so fast it's crazy.

    If you like that SourD come harvest, I don't mind getting it to you. That cut is grown by many a big growers out here. Pretty bomb.
    Saw 2 plates of it last wk. One grown using AN & The other using H&G w/ a few additives. Totally different looking. Poeple wanted the H&G one more so.

    Still growing autos? You had some pretty good ones right? They've come a long way w/ those too. Just so dumb competetive out there.
    Next grow I'll be taking down the HPS myself. The LEDs deff put out higher quality w/o a doubt. Higher yields too.
    Here's the veg :
    Still amazed @ what 100w can do w/ these Horizons. That there the 4k which I use on freshly rooted clones. The more red induces root growth. After a few wks out of the cloner I switch to the 56/6k Horizon.
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    Evil-Mobo Well-Known Member

    Your grow is looking good brother. Yeah I settled on the auto cobs from smo got 12 in the 4x8 and then 5 each in the two 3x3's. One 3x3 is for veg with the 6500K the other is the flower tent with 3K and then the 4x8 is rocking all 3500K's. Yeah I'm still messing with the autos brother. Just a passion of mine if you get good genetics I think they have value for such a quick turn around. I have been doing some breeding too got like 5 or 6 strains to start going through. I also have my first set of auto seeds I made kicking. I'm in pro mix now with fabric pots doing dtw with flora Nova and some other goodies.

    What I have found is the leds give you smaller denser nugs but more of them and the frost is out of this world. Last few harvest have been my best so far. Really excited about this run now and using nutes again it's going good now I made some changes to tidy up the grow and now just focusing on getting better with what I have. Trying my first SCROG right now in the flower 3x3 we will see how it goes.

    Drop by man lots of pics and what not I'm not gonna bombard your thread with pics you know. That would be awesome on the sour d I know it's played out but I have yet to grow a legit cut one of the strains I'd like to get a hold of just to see what's up. Would like a good male of a cbd strain too for breeding. I'm really liking my female of the dark plasma going right now she's a beast. Got a fookies in there too and then one of my crosses the first girl of her I called it nightmare kush and she's looking beautiful it's Satori X Narcotic Kush. Then got some stuff going in the veg tent a few Vienna skunks from HSO and another one of my crosses which is GG#4 X Satori and she's looking great hope it's a girl lol.

    Good to see you around again bro hit me up sometime.
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