Legalize Cannabis in the UK!!

should Cannabis be legal in the UK!

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how many people think it should be legalized ???
Probs the majority of the uk but hey, we all have different Opinions...:)


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Keep it underground and we keep it ours, I for one don't want the law/goverment telling me how many plants I can grow out and also try to limit the amount I comsume. Bad idea letting the politians get rich and they will screw us over one way or another.
Should be legal though and not demonised as a mind altering "gateway" drug that is is atm. Re-education is one of the first things that needs to happen, as fact is most "normal" non smokers don't know any actual facts, just the BS what they're told in the news. I mean did you see those "Talk to Frank" adverts on the TV?? Talk about bullshittng us lol. Weed as addictive as heroin too!? lmao.... but thats the kind of thinking that we're up against here.


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the government is the most corrupted organization the world will ever see!! IMO!
No one has the right IMO to tell others what to do etc........ and especially tell us what to take and not to smoke, my body my decision.
But you are right they will probably fuk us over on how many we grow and how much we aloud and i 100% sure they would make a million other rules for us who grow it.


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Agreed mate, the dutch are caving on their old standing too and are "banning" all weed over 15% THC as it's too dangerous!? That makes things much harder for legalisation too, they were flying the flag in europe and if they cave thats the end of us ever getting a chance tbh but then again Spain have a good attitude to Mari.
My thinking is it should be thought of like alcohol percentages, as not everyone can handle drinking whiskey so they drink larger instead and weed should be treated in the same way, some of us need Bud with a bit of oompa. But we all have different tolerances and should medicate on a strain that suits the us smoker best. People here think of it being one thing "skunk" and don't even realise that is just one of many different strains available. Folks in Cali are now setting the standard imo though with lab testing and creating "med" use strains with a better understanding in general about the positive effects of cannabis on the whole.
Re-education needs to happen before legalisation, and it's a long road ahead esp' for us in the UK.


hey guys why not check out clear-uk, one of the guys Des is issuing a court thingymajiggythang against Theresa May, he applied for an import licence for bedrocan, they refused so he is putting together a very clever counter attack... it may very well fail but we have to fire some shots over the boughs of those gutless wankers we call government.

Free da Weed.

oh and eh up from Wales... UP da Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch massive innit. :)
yea course it should be, nice weed of all different strains,no more meeting dealers or having problems with any coatings plus that would be real economic easing,

but i dont believe its a reality for the queens bank coutts was charged for laundring drug money, so if she is in it for a penny and a pound then there is no chance it will be legalised the price would drop dramatically
weed - £10 a gram
silver - £0.50 a gram
9 ct/ carat gold = 37.5 % purity
1 gram
£ 10.88

If it was legal here in the uk im sure they would get out of this economic crisis (all of europe would really). It wouldn't matter if you was only allowed to grow 2 plants at a time to me. If i get at least 3 ounces per plant that could last me while i did my next ones, i wouldn't mind paying a fee (not loads) per year to grow. I hear people do that in holland but im not sure. Also someone mentioned spain. I use to live on a spanish island for 8 years and i use to hear (lol) that you were allowed to grow 2 but never new that for sure. i grew quite a few more than that though. But i can't ever see it being legal hear and it would be weak and highly taxed (obviously) if it was.


Marijuana Will always be ours. No matter what the government do they cant take it, And as for not being happy about them saying how much you can grow/consume is that not better than being marked as a criminal for toking?
yeah legalization is the dream alright, will it ever happen? doubtfull. without action on the part of those affected most by the current legislation that is, i.e. us, the growers and smokers of britain. the obvious problem with this is that few, if any, of us is willing to stick our heads up over the parapet for fear of incarceration. we need to find the spirit that the dutch found, we need to rise up and storm the walls of oppression.tho we'll probly need to put that blunt down for awhile and stop off at maccy D's first lolremember what Edmund Burke said - "People crushed by law, have no hopes but from power. If laws are their enemies, they will be enemies to laws; and those who have much to hope and nothing to lose, will always be dangerous"peace
Im new here this is my first post legalization is one big thing id say most of use want but we cant see it happenin atleast not in our lifetime but i will keep wavin with my middle finger up and keep growin no matter how much i get caught big up U.K


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so yeah am all for it to but medicalised in the uk. but come one yeah a lot of people smoke good people smoke it an bad like wee fuck nuggets that think smokin it is COOOL an don't really understand what it is that there smoking. so people like them will fuck it for people like me heads down.