Lighting for 1.2x2.4m tent. CMH or another 750 HP's?


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As per the title I'm trying to decide what to do next in my lighting setup. Input appreciated.

I recently upgraded one of my 2x600w HP's fixtures to a 750w habits fixture. I'm happy with it and am now going to replace the other 600w fixture.

I'm not sure what to go for though.

2 options.

A. Another 750w DE fixture to run alongside.

B. 2x 315w CMH fixtures running either side of the 750w DE

Any thoughts?

I'm primarily concerned with increasing yield if I'm honest so the 750w feels like it'll be the best option but the spread on those gravitas is really big so maybe a 315w at either side with the 750w in the middle will be a good option and will waste less light?



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2x 315w CMH on either side for the light overlap. CMH will add some UV into the spectrum which the HPS is lacking.