Lockout? Hungry? Help? Mid flower

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    I would go a light feed from now on if your going to feed it then go for the kill. Let the light get on it, maybe rotate it once and ride it out. Should be fine.

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    Ight thanks for all the help man. Today I check'd and all of it's fan leaves have started to shrivel, including ones inside of buds but if that's ok and she'll live 3 more weeks I'll be happy. Being my first grow all of this is new to me. Heck I've never grown a single plant till now. So thanks again, it means a lot :)

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    a few things could of happened you have root rot which will mess up your plant. the ph you feed it at should be 6.5. and add microbes next time. Microbes would of helped the root rot if that is it actual problem too. so microbes help alot. When you think things in your pot are to hot/salty flush each pot with about ten gallons through it then just renute with half strength. You can do that now I guess and then leave it alone and let the pot dry out a little. Not going to reread all the posts but do you feel that you had overwatered it. That will get things messed up. You got decent nutes got to think balanced nutrition when you do this. I did go back and check and I still dont like your 5/50/17 nutes thought that was you. Yoiu got a ppm meter? what ppm where you feeding it at. nitrogen is the grow, phospurous is the health and potasium is the energy elements. epsom salt/mag would of helped the plant long ago. Answer me this. Magnesium is the center molecule of blank production. Do you know what it is.?/

    Just ride it out and get it next time.Still looks like killer buds.

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    I had I think I overwatered once honestly, and once in veg. These pots weren't the greatest.. Got better ones for my next grow. I'v let the pots dry for over a week between watering a since flower and I just watered it and let a bit more run out then normal. 1/4 of that 5/50/17, molasses, and calimagic, ph 6.5. Ppm was 359, run off was 934ish(was bouncing a lil bit).
    It's last feed was 800ish ppm and that was a full dose. It might had been overfed and it honestly seemed underwatered. And I honestly don't know the answer to that. Not gunna be the guy to google lol. The buds look real nice, smell good, just not filling out. I do have two other plants on basically the same feeding schedule but look a lot better. Need to pick leaves off both but they gotta a lot more green in em. I'll post a pic off all three at lights out in a bit here.

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    alright not over watered but a week between waterings probably caused stress. You want to grow stress free and keep the plant engine chugging. Sounds like you under fed. 359 is low thats why your plant canabolized itself. 359 is like week three of veg hell week two right after getting roots on a clone I feed them more than 359. your nute ratio sucks and get some microbes. and picking off the leaves to get light on the buds was the right thing to do they were dead and the life was sucked out of them long time ago -because of the under feeding. dont try to jam nutes in there now just keep feeding it the low nute ppm i guess. learn to water properly shouldnt be drowning in water shouldnt be to dry either.

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    Lack of nitrogen flowering nutes are low in nitrogen did u start feeding feedin flower nutes as soon as u started 12/12 then thats probably it if your leaves are yellowing up and drying and falling off or easy to pluck off its nitrogen defecient which aint bad in flower but sooner then u usually want it to start fading best to use veg nutes for 1st two weeks or use a full 1 step nutrient line thats good for veg to harvest
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    Damn, alright. Need to balance nutrition. Here's pics of the three


    White widow
    IMG_1008.JPG Utopia haze
    Chip Green

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    I had a hard time for awhile, having the balls to feed enough.... I was SO paranoid about overfeeding, to the point of detrimental underfeeding.

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