Longest-flowering strain ever?

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    oldecrowe Well-Known Member

    I currently have on the flowering table 3 bagseed females which at 80+ days of 12/12 are only now starting to really develop buds. Have managed height of this extremely Skunky sativa by keeping pot size @ 2gallons and through extreme LST but tallest of the 3 still hit 36"! Bud formation is approximately what one might normally expect to see by the end of third week of flowering!
    Anyone else grown out any freaks like these?

    What's everyone else's longest-flowering?

    I most humbly await your input...
    Mother's Finest

    Mother's Finest Well-Known Member

    Problems can add to flowering time. The better they're grown and the better the lighting, the shorter the flowering time.

    Sensi Seeds' Mother's Finest, a Haze-Jack-Kush cross, has its "standard" phenotype that flowers for around 90 days and it also has a Haze pheno that flowers for 110+ days. Real Haze always flowers for over a hundred days. I haven't grown original Haze myself but I've watched other people grow it. The MF Haze pheno is a perfect example of how Haze grows, finishing over 6' high after 110+ days when started flowering at 8".
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    Ap0c0leS Active Member

    Experienceing a Hazy pheno of G13xHaze.. is sopost to be 80% indica but was still not at peak ripness by week 11 and 4 days... Breeder info says 10 to 11 weeks.. i think this thing could easily push 12 weeks or 13 weeks and thats just peak ripness.. Check out these pics.. taken week 11 and 4 days at 400x and 40x can you see any amber or "degrading" THC heads? yuck whats that black thing on the bottom of the tric pic i just noticed that lol..
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    oldecrowe Well-Known Member

    Have harvested 5 other strains that began 12/12 at same time as these three plants. Had only vegged 3 weeks but were nearly 12" at that point. Haven't had any real problems in my room and not enough light leaks to delay any of the other strains' flowering... Must be a "real" haze...?
    Thanks 4 the input!

    oldecrowe Well-Known Member

    Not sure what that black thing is but @ that magnification, there ain't much of it!
    Nothing but clear trichomes do I see... hmmm, two more weeks, maybe? :mrgreen:

    oldecrowe Well-Known Member

    Come on, someone.... anyone...?

    Pureblood89 Well-Known Member

    pure sativas can take 4 months +, most indoor growers grow indica cuz the can finish in as low as 7 weeks.

    rambler420 Well-Known Member

    I did Neville's Haze. One of them took 14 weeks. It was almost 5' tall by the time she was done.
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    jdizzle22 Well-Known Member

    I read about a 16 week strain once but I can't recall the name.
    Mother's Finest

    Mother's Finest Well-Known Member

    You may just need to be patient and wait for them to ripen. Some things that can cause flowering plants to stall include flushing too early and root binding.

    oldecrowe Well-Known Member

    I neglected to mention the 4 SLH and 4 WW clones which also occupy my table ATM. These bagseed just kinda happened lol.... Interesting growth though...not eager to grow again unless maybe outdoors. Will be pollinating a bud on one of these 3 with pollen saved from a monster that grew in my old chicken pen last summer - from same bagseed...
    Okay I'm high ;)

    oldecrowe Well-Known Member

    Oh I'm the very essence of patient. Not hurtin for meds lately after last round of harvest. Just curious about other folks experience with these ultra-long-flowering beasties. :lol:
    Root binding.... definitely, that's part of trying to control the height. But I don't flush so that's no factor...
    Am really convinced its all just the nature of these girls to go slow.... ;)

    smokeymcpotz Well-Known Member

    Get bricktop in here he'll tell ya bout them 20+ week sativas!

    oldecrowe Well-Known Member

    Bricktop.. Hey yeah, I know the dude! LOL.

    oldecrowe Well-Known Member

    That is of course, you understand, not personally but by reputation... lol
    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    There are a handful of strains that the breeder information says 105 day ... 15 weeks ... and longer .... but one run of Panama Red WAY back in the 70's took 22 weeks. I don't know of anything today that is available to the public that would take that long ... which even if there was I doubt many people would ever be willing to give it a try.

    Here is an example of one of the 105 day strains.

    Afropips Seeds - Malawi Gold
    Strain: Malawi Gold
    Breeder: Afropips
    Location: indoor, outdoor
    Type: sativa
    Flowering: ~105 days
    No feminized seeds.
    Genetics: Malawi Gold
    Variety: Pure sativa
    Type: Pure-bred, traditional landrace
    Harvest Date: November
    Flowering Period: 14-16 weeks
    THC Content: Unknown
    No. of seeds Per Packet: 10
    Characteristics: Long lasting effect.

    Malawi Gold is internationally renowned as one of the most potent psychoactive pure African sativas.

    Afropipss Superior first grade Malawi Gold was selected from 10 years experience with top Malawi growers for the spiciest taste & the most psychoactive clean vibrant high. The high is long lasting & has an enjoyable alert mental clarity coupled with a warm pleasant feeling that radiates throughout the body.

    The unique tropical & luxuriant spicy sativa up high can be attributed to the presence of THCV in this early cultivated strain.

    Strain Lineage / Genealogy / Family Tree

    Here's one that's 150 days, that's close to 21 1/2 weeks ... but I have no idea where it can be found.

    Breeder Choice Organisation - Colombian Black
    Strain: Colombian Black
    Breeder: BCO
    Location: indoor, greenhouse
    Type: sativa
    Flowering: ~150 days
    No feminized seeds.
    Field collected in December 2002 from farmed Local lines in the 'llanos orientales' region in Colombia by Breeders Choice member 'Aldous'.

    The original seed lot received from Colombia is being stored for future open pollinations of the line for preservation purposes and the selection of exceptional single plants for ongoing breeding projects.

    This seedlot is a first generation accession with selection only against inter sex plants found in the line.

    Black Colombian is a seedline native to the eastern plains (llanos orientales) region of Colombia.

    The 'Black' is a pure Sativa genotype typical of equatorial latitudes, the 'Black' was very likely was brought to Colombia by African slaves. Evidence for this origin is suggested by the presence of a distinctive anise/black licorice flavour detected in the smoke of its blackish green to pure black flowers.

    Other similarities to African genotypes include a relatively mild body effect and a more pronounced clear, positive mental stimulation that renders the user extremely happy within the moment.

    As an adaptation to an equatorial environment the Black matures its buds in several harvest 'windows' with the earliest from our test grow coming in at 15 weeks, the next coming 5-6 weeks later.

    Seedlings show minimal variation. True to usual form the largest, fastest growing seedlings often show sex as males at 5-9 weeks of flowering.

    At 15 weeks the buds can began to take on the black colouration. True black, not purpling derived from cold temperatures. Although not all plants display these traits, some will.

    Should the gardener desire to get the Black to wind down budding to harvest as early as possible it is recommended to move the timer to an 11/13 light schedule or even 10/14.

    Due to such long flowering periods it is recommended to use fertilizers sparingly in both amounts and frequency of application.

    The Colombian Sativas within the Breeders Choice lines all have aggressive root system growth thereby indicating a need for a larger than normal container.

    A smaller pot size that 'rootbinds' the plant can help shorten the bloom time but if used the gardener should realize this as a stress vector that could encourage a hermaphroditic response in a proportion of plants. This is a first generation Tropical Sativa and should be grown with sympathy.

    Our sampling left us extremely pleased with it's dark licorice taste and strong 'creeper' effect with a strong and ceiling less high without any noticeable physical effect, indicating this is a high THC low CBD Colombian cultivar.

    An extended cure was required to soften a somewhat harsh initial bite. After 4 month's of glass jar curing, not only was the harshness mollified but a noticeable increase of potency accompanied the now full flavoured, smooth smoke.

    In repeated smoke tests the most pronounced effect was a delayed creeper onset of high energy mental stimulation - without any noticeable edges of paranoia or discomfort. What physical effect there was can best be described as warm and composed with minimal raciness in heartbeat. Ideal for daytime activities and musicians.

    A true, pure equatorial Sativa with no ceiling, never hybridised and a classic breeding line proven in other BCO Hybrids such as the Black Haze.

    * Pure equatorial Landrace Sativa
    * Collected in Colombia 2002 from cultivated lines
    * Extreme potency
    * First generation accession

    Indoor/Greenhouse: 18-26 Weeks
    Outdoor finish: Late December/January at 30 North.
    odour level: Low
    Mite resistance: Low
    Mould Resistance: High
    Stretch: 3x and greater
    Yield: High

    Strain Lineage / Genealogy / Family Tree

    And another 105 day strain.

    Afropips Seeds - Durban Poison
    Strain: Durban Poison
    Breeder: Afropips
    Location: indoor, outdoor
    Type: sativa
    Flowering: ~105 days
    No feminized seeds.
    100 % Pure Saitva
    Durban Poisonselected from the potentest Durban Poison Sticks/Pencils.
    Small buds with Speedy High.
    Flowering: 90 -120 days of 12/12.
    Indoors: (Veg 0-10 days for 5 - 6 ft plant)

    Strain Lineage / Genealogy / Family Tree

    And here is a 119 day strain, 17 weeks.

    ACE Seeds - Green Haze x Thai
    Strain: Green Haze x Thai
    Breeder: ACE Seeds
    Location: indoor, outdoor
    Type: sativa
    Flowering: ~119 days
    No feminized seeds.
    The best Green Haze, selected for its excellent balance among the best Colombia-Thai expressions of the Haze line, has been pollinated by a selected Meao Thai male.

    An authentic rarity to be enjoyed by the Thai Haze lovers. Especially recommended for outdoor growing in tropical and subtropical climates.

    Structure: Bushy Sativa, more compact and manageable than other Tropical Sativa x Meao Thai hybrids.
    Bouquet: Incensey with old wood notes. Old school sativa flavor.
    High: Very mental, psychedelic and introspective, with no tolerance limits.

    Genetics: Green Haze x Meao Thai. F1 hybrid. 100% sativa.
    Flowering indoors: 16-18 weeks
    Flowering outdoors: End of December
    Yield/m2: Medium
    Resistance against spider mite: Medium
    Resistance against Powdery Mildew: Medium
    Resistance against botrytis: Very High
    Resistance against cold: Medium

    Strain Lineage / Genealogy / Family Tree

    And a 120 day strain, again, about 17 weeks.

    BlueHemp Switzerland - Haze
    Strain: Haze
    Breeder: BlueHemp
    Location: indoor, outdoor
    Type: sativa
    Flowering: ~120 days
    No feminized seeds.
    Lineage: Haze19 x unknown Haze
    Taste: hazey
    Effect: strong uphigh
    Harvest: outdoor mid- end october, indoor up to 120 day

    Strain Lineage / Genealogy / Family Tree

    126 days ... 18 weeks.

    Delta 9 Labs - Mekong Haze
    Strain: Mekong Haze
    Breeder: Delta 9 Labs
    Location: indoor, outdoor
    Type: sativa
    Flowering: ~126 days
    No feminized seeds.
    The Mekong Haze is a pure landrace Sativa strain from Southeast Asia. Although it may take up to 18 weeks of flowering time to complete, it is truly a pure breeding strain. This variety is very uplifting and clear headed. The Sativa high and flavor is very apparent and motivating. It makes you want to do things under her influence. Using this variety for your own research and breeding purposes will prove to be worth it?s value. The Mekong Haze is ideal for making F1 hybrid crosses with other Delta-9 Labs varieties. Having great patience with this variety will certainly reward you when the nurturing is completed.

    Where can you get this strain?

    This strain is momentarily available from:15 [​IMG] Seeds1 [​IMG] Seed5 [​IMG] Seeds[​IMG] The Attitude--21.55 $[​IMG] Pick 'n' Mix Cannabis Seeds-3.91 $19.55 $[​IMG] Cannapot Hanfshop111.85 $-- Strain Lineage / Genealogy / Family Tree

    And there are others.

    BagSeedBoy Well-Known Member

    I've waited a while on bag seeds that never turned the corner....They put on trics but no weight at all...Some kush bag seed (sativa dom) I've had some of em go for near 4 months before I realized they weren't going to improve much. I took it as they were the prouct of a late retarted hermie. 2 of 7 or so were like this, of the two 1 was worse than the other. They grew great during veg, good structure &vigorous, stretched alot first 2 weeks of 12/12 but never put on weight or mature trics in 4 months!

    oldecrowe Well-Known Member

    Nice! Thank you sir for the excellent info. Was only aware of a couple of those previously.
    The herb this came from was some of the best I'd had in quite a while. It was THE most powerful smelling of any in my modest 30 years of smoking the stuff! When opened, a bag would instantly fill a room with a long lasting skunk smell. Reminded me of some good old homegrown from about 30 years ago that a few fellas grew around here.
    Only had a few seeds and popped a couple outdoors last year. The only one that made it was a monster male that(prior to seeing sign of sex) I had topped repeatedly and supercropped to keep down to a mere 6' (chopped when I saw his balls had dropped, but saved some pollen sacs). Not sure how tall it might have gotten...
    I love the old-time sativas of my youth and maybe just maybe I have one here.
    Thanks again for posting!

    No, I think they're going to produce. Damnedest thing, soon as I started this thread, the biggest one just started filling in like crazy! The other two are starting the same spurt of growth! Flowers were just little puffs of white hairs very spaced out. Within the last couple days these puffs have just exploded and in many places have almost filled in.

    Yeah, slow-flowering and taking up valuable real estate on the table, but they've certainly been a damned trip growing! Maybe they'll be worth it.... someday! lol.
    Been on 12/12 for 86 days so far and I'm sure they have at least 2-3 weeks to go!

    poppybgood Active Member

    This has been a great read, thanks to those who contributed.Old thread I know, but I've been reading as many landrace threads as I can to keep me inspired on my current grow. I have 2 landraces going, of mixed Mexican and South American origin. They're from seed stock that hit the SE US early to mid 70s, and grown together with the expected field crosses over the years. It looks as if one of the 2 will be a 20 weeker.
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    rollyouron Well-Known Member

    I've ran Kali Mist 16 weeks before.
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