Looking for Recommendation and Caregivers in Southern Vermont

Hi all.

My aunt lives in Vermont and is starting chemo. She is in her 70s, and I'm trying to help her find a good doctor and a caregiver. I've not found any information on the web.

Does anyone have a pointer to a list of caregivers and/or doctors who will write a recommendation?



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hey its not about askin for a recomendation its about Asking for ur records...the doctor cant tell u no he can only give u his 2cents...my mother inlaw was the 2nd in VT to have it...she just told her dr wa she wanted to do and he gave her the records which she sent into montpelier and blam less than 2weeks later there was a medical and cargivers card in the mail!


this is in response to the person looking for recommendation/caregivers in southern vermont....don't know anyone in the southern area but know people in northern area...if your still interested.........reply to this thread if you can & I'll then reply back
Im from southern vermont and a medical card holder/grow my own medicine and would be glad to help any way I can to the fullest extent...let me know:)