Lower Fan leaves Dying slow growth Autoflower Veg Week 3

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    Hello All,

    Looking for a little help on my auto flowers my one plant seems to be growing extremely slow but looking okay and then the other one is growing at good rate but the lower fan leaves slowly start turning yellow and dying one at a time from the bottom up. I know the first couple sets are supposed to fall off but I wasn't sure if this is correct or not. Ive uploaded pics of both the plants the small one doesn't seem to be having the yellowing leaf issue from the bottom just growing slow. Also the stems of the dying fan leaves are very purple see pic. Both plants are in a 5x5 grow tent under a Kind XL1000 LED light, DWC, Res temp 69, Air temp 82deg, 24 hour light schd, 600PPM for big plant 500PPM for the smaller one, Humidity 40 percent, tons of air in doc res....using 3 air pumps, General Hydro Flora Grow Micro series, sysnsizyme, Rhyizotonic, Cal Mag. PH at 5.6 to 5.8

    Thank you for all your help in advanced!!

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