Made coconut oil with trim - HORRIBLE

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    I consider my method about the easiest, most effective and a lot less messy than most others but I might be a little biased. ;)

    Coconut oil is better for a couple reasons at least.

    Healthier fats than butter. A much purer product with no additives. Butter is dyed yellow unless you're buying some organic stuff from grass fed cows that aren't fed GMO grains, antibiotics and growth hormones.

    Doesn't go rancid like butter. I have had a jar of my cocobutter in my desk drawer for over 6 months now and it's fine to take and tastes just the same as when I made it. Try that with butter and you'll be tossing the stuff out, Not only would it taste horrible but would quite likely give you food poisoning.

    Commercial dairy products are inherently unhealthy to start with tho I do love butter on various foods. I fry my eggs in coconut oil, use it instead of butter on one side of a sandwich, smear it on the wife's cookies when they are still warm then sprinkle certified organic Ceylonese cinnamon on them and sometimes just eat a heaping spoonful of it for extra energy because it's good for the body and the brain. Excellent skin oil and probably the best personal lubricant ever! :lol:


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    Thank you so much for your response. One follow up question, when using coconut oil instead of butter are the ratios still the same for how much trim to coconut oil? Or better yet can you just tell me what ratios you typically use?
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    Sorry HeavyD but this thread slipped under my radar.

    I've tried 2 different strengths. 10:1 and 20:1. 10 or 20 grams of oil to 1g of pot. With good pot the 10:1 batch was really strong and easier to OD with so I'm sticking to the 20:1 mix. 2mls of the first was enough that about 2 hours after taking it I HAD to go to bed tho wasn't so stoned that I felt rotten. Just under a tsp of the 20:1 does the same thing but a little easier to get the dosage right.

    I think the pot extracts better with a higher level of oil to pot but that's more an educated estimation than anything solid.

    Either way works good and the ratios should work as well with butter. So if you wer going to use a whole pound of butter, 454g you would need 22.7g. That's not taking into account 15% lecithin if you wanted to add that once the mix is cooled down to about 100C. 68.1g lecithin would need another 3.4g of pot to maintain the 20:1 ratio so 26.1g of pot all told.

    That's all the math I can do atm. Started partying for my b-day the night before. :dunce:

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    Yes the MB2 is the bomb...I make all kinds of stuff and makes it so easy and less time and takes out all the guess work

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    What are the portions of your ingredients for salve? I have a Harlequin plant (high cbd) coming down next month and would like to make salve to put into little deodorant type dispensers for easy carry and application.

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    That is brilliant with the variac to control temp, they control my fans. I use a thermometer on a stove top but i have to watch it the entire time.
    Great tip @OldMedUser

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