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    itsmeifti Member

    Hi all n salutations :)

    Advance planning for post-harvest : how do you look after / maintain the mother plant until the next season?

    My babe is OG Kush, outdoor, 40litre sack. Looking forward to it filling out over the next 6 weeks, would like some advice on maintaining her until next season?

    Look forward to hearing from :peace:

    Nugachino Well-Known Member

    Don't cut off all the larf. Leave a third on. Uh- give her more than 12 hours of light somehow. And thin the sprouting branches a little. Otherwise you'll end up with a hairy mess.

    Probably give her a nitrogen feed too.

    It's only my first time revegging a plant. But, that's inside.

    itsmeifti Member

    Appreciate it - same same - first time too

    12 hrs is going to be difficult - in northern europe - be like 8hrs or so in a few months. Kinda tempted to let nature take its course? Kinda like letting trained by nature ?! Do chime in if that's totally unreasonable!


    WeedFreak78 Well-Known Member

    If you don't get it under 14+ hrs of light after harvest, it's going to die outdoors. If your winter temps drop below bellow 40, it's probably going to die.

    You could take some clones and keep them indoors under low light till next year.
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    itsmeifti Member

    Sweet thanks for advice!
    Got a few cuts that have taken root/started growth.

    Forgive, another noob question..!
    So once the cuttings are growing strong, simple maintenance? I ask as I took them just as flowering begain to show when I trimmed mother back, they're not gonna start flowering/budding simultaneously with mother? Or will they remain in veg ?

    Again your advice and suggestions most appreciated!

    Nugachino Well-Known Member

    As long as the clones are getting plenty of daylight hours. They'll stay in vegetative state. They'll kick off flowering again when they're getting 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness.

    Don't try flowering unless they've started growing a fair bit though. Otherwise you'll get stuff all from them.

    The bigger the roots the larger the fruits... or more of them rather.
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    itsmeifti Member

    Cool, yeah not eager to flower them, haven't got the setup to monitor/maintain them to get those crazy buxom buds from a plastic party cups you see in pictures !
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    MonkeyGrinder Well-Known Member

    So you have the cuttings indoors under lights then?
    What does your current setup look like if so?
    And are you planning on keeping them until next season or something?

    itsmeifti Member

    Ey up,
    Ah all outdoors at the mo,
    One has thundered on , going to do my daily checks shortly ( after coffee n ciggy!)

    Blast I fear a little black spot coming on the mother.
    Gonna spray with bicarb/water mix
    Though guess will have to invest in something more heavy duty, I read copper based fungicide is Best?
    Pics up shortly
    Look forward to input you all's

    itsmeifti Member

    Blasted warm wet UK weather!!!!

    itsmeifti Member


    itsmeifti Member

    Been looking a little tired round the edges of late, I hoping it's the 'putting effort into flower' thing !
    IMG_20170826_151154.jpg IMG_20170826_151205.jpg

    itsmeifti Member

    Sorry didn't answer original q.
    Yes hoping to keep till next season

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