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    Hi fellow growers!

    I am looking for some advice on potentially buying a small amount of beneficial bacteria and/or fungi to make a bigger batch of the identical strain of that same bacteria. (If that's possible? ?)

    I know about making teas of all sorts from scratch... but I am especially interested in multiplying mammoth P.

    Any advice or if anyone can point me in the right direction..that would be greatly appreciated..And I will share the results!

    Thank you
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    vostok Well-Known Member

    Go poke around organics forum

    as you know about teas and cations?

    you will need to work on the fungi side

    or just add river sand to your soil mix

    good luck
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    sezar29 Active Member

    I should of mentioned that I will be using it in coco with molasses as food... but I will go check out the organics to see what I can dig pun intended
    . Thanks @vostok
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    HolyGhost23 Well-Known Member

    i always thought of the whole teat thing. its just a dwc with some poop in it.. pretty much.. so why not just make the dwc a tea and grow the plant in it?.. using possibly flora nova or some other organic nute and some kinda myco product like great white shark or myco madness
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    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    Mammoth P = Mammoth wallet drain....

    Simple Bio tea - AACT

    You make the Tea with the molasses. You don't use it in your feed mix.

    Most living bio's need a surface to live on. Soil supplies that, and the interactions that actually create the nutrient to be available. Hydro grows and even neutral media (soilless) grows do not work well for true organic growing.

    Now organic liquid nutrients. Are basically organic chelated nutrients, that are plant "ready" just like synthetic's. There is an ongoing debate as to if that is "really" organic growing.

    Simple bio teas are not going to grow plants well, alone. Nutrient teas may work some but, still not exactly the most effective way to use them by DWC. Soil is the key, with any tea.

    waterproof808 Well-Known Member

    You are basically asking a cannabis forum to give you the cliff notes version of a microbiology course.

    Mammoth P is a combination of 4 different strains of Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria. You would need to learn how to isolate each strain on petri dishes and then figure out how to grow them. Alot more difficult than adding ingredients to a bucket with some molasses and pumping air into it.

    sezar29 Active Member

    Thank you..that was the kind of answer I was looking for. .

    Taviddude Well-Known Member

    A microscope, some petri dishes, a sterile environment and a lot of diligence. Not really all that hard. No harder than Really Growing Mushrooms from bottom to top and being able to cross strains. Totally Doable...
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    sezar29 Active Member

    I found so e information on this on youtube of all places. The researchers from KIS produce a nutrition source for the various types of organisms in Mammoth P. It makes it seem quite simple actually when someone with the knowledge and equipment can beat the path for the rest of us..

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    jemstone Well-Known Member

    Hi. Try EM-1.

    budman111 Well-Known Member

    really? and I would want them to shit Gold at $160.00 a liter. Bunch of mugs.
    Heil Tweetler

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    I just grabbed a pack of Spectrum 25, Tainios psb product, they have a solid rep with biological products. I havent tested it out yet but their label looks legit.

    Ive used mammoth and i do believe it was useful in my grow. Yes its very pricey. I tried to culture their formula one time. I used R/O water, crab shell meal, ferti nitro and a dose of mammoth p. I bubbled it, warmed on ~75° heating pad for ~36 hours. I ended up with a liquid that was sorta milky and seemed to contain a load of nutrients in ionic form. I dont think that the psb organisms persisted in my media beyond that application. With the Tainio product my plan is to inoculate my mix 2x. One month before grow starts and then again at potting up.

    There is some interesting and worthwhile info in this paper regarding Ca uptake, P availability and overall soil health.

    Phosphate-Solubilizing Bacteria Nullify the Antagonistic Effect of Soil Calcification on Bioavailability of Phosphorus in Alkaline Soils | Scientific Report

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    Billy Madison

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    photosynthesis plus > mammoth p
    Tom Tucker 313

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