Mar- A Lago raided FBI Warrants


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Cohen said : "Let me be very clear, considering I know this 'Mandarin Mussolini' extremely well. Donald doesn't take boxes of material around the world for no reason at all. He took it for nefarious reasons."

The Washington Post reported on how Trump would take unorganized boxes of classified documents with him on overseas trips and store them in hotel rooms, even in countries that were considered adversaries to the US. Stephanie Grisham, who served as White House press secretary under Trump, also told the Post that documents her former sent for would often "just disappear."

"I stand firm when I say that Donald wants to use this in order to hold the country hostage," he later said. "That's his goal. His goal, because he knows his ass is in the grinder right now. He knows that he's cooked, that he's going to use this information, look for all we know, he's already given it away, but there's definitely more that's there."

Cohen posited that Trump would try to use the classified information to "ensure that he doesn't spend the rest of his natural life behind bars charged with treason."

He previously theorized that the former president intended to use the classified documents he kept at his Mar-a-Lago home as a "bargaining chip" in case he was ever at risk of being indicted or jailed.

"The second that they put him in handcuffs, he'll turn around and say: 'You don't seem to understand. I have the documentation showing, for example, where our nuclear launchpads are, or other information — sensitive national security information," he said.

Cohen suggested a situation in which Trump could threaten to have his supporters release the top-secret information to Russia or Iran. "My prediction, indictments are coming soon," Cohen said in his Monday TikTok.

I think we are only at the beginning of this horror show with full responsibility squarely on Republicans.


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blah if everything has to be and then you're lost as can get

don't ever call yourself an independent or moderate, you're a communist not a democrat so don't let that part confuse you either.
It's completely understandable that a person who listens to their leader lie to them 35,000 times during his time in the WH and can cite chapter, cite chapter and verse the Benghazi tales, and (just guessing) believes Trump won in 2020 would have antipathy to facts based news reports.