Mar- A Lago raided FBI Warrants

Roger A. Shrubber

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More insanity …. I guess the moron doesn’t realize that Documents are created on computers , end up on drives , digitized, archived.
So there is an electronic paper trail …. Maybe trumpy sent a group text.

cocksucking weasel...there was a lot of outrage over Hillary having some mildly classified info on her private server. most if not all of it was from douchebag republicans, but there was fucking outrage...
i wonder what kind of psychological fucked-upness it is that keeps them so focused on a woman that hasn't been in office for over 9 years now? she was investigated by the CIA AND the FBI, and neither one of them found anything worth fucking with her about any further. it must be the Qtard in them, they just can't drop that chew toy, no matter how badly worn it is.
the FBI doesn't seem to be having the same trouble finding shit to charge trump with, wonder what's holding them back? :lol:


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Only one "Russia" on this page? Come on yall, your McCarthyism is starting to slip.
Not to worry, if the democrats win in November and give the FBI the tools, you'll be treated worse than the commies were in the 50's and do a lot more time. Lose badly enough and there will be an independent special counsel appointed after the new year to go after the republican traitors in congress too, that's what the law was for, going after politicians with two years of public hearings and prosecutions. The republicans could lose some states too, Texas looks vulnerable and it will be a circus if they lose there! :lol:


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TFG's shit backfired again. The DOJ response is blistering. It gave them an opportunity to unload on both TFG's criminal actions and the terribly sloppy request for a Special Master.

TFG is toast right along with Truth Social. Little wonder He is going bonkers over there. He can't find competent attorneys, he can't trust anyone around him, he's losing financial support from the RNC, and even his toady's are back-pedaling somewhat.

When the reports come from Mar-a-Lago that FPOTUS is "cheerful" and "upbeat" you have to believe the ketchup mops are out.


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Opinion | Why Trump’s Documents Case Is Really Just Like a Drug Prosecution
He had possession of something he shouldn’t have. It’s that simple.

"Most of the statutes at issue in the Mar-a-Lago documents case are more similar to a narcotics case than a complicated bank fraud or obstruction of justice case. Top Secret classified documents are a lot like narcotics from a criminal law perspective. You really don’t want to possess them if you are not authorized to do so. If you take Top Secret classified documents from a government facility and store them at your home, you’re guilty".


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No, no, no, meester Tromp, you don stiff Consuela. I take.

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His staff at Mar A logo will testify too, but it's like he had a ton of coke or a grow op in a red state and it is as hard to get out from under the indictments. There is also lot's of precedent and harsh sentencing guidelines, once convicted, equality under the law will demand equal treatment under the law. Considering his large armed fanatical terrorist following, he will need to be held at a secure facility, if only for the safety of those guarding him. I'd say after the election they will drop the hammer on Donald, right now Garland is playing it like they will loose the house, which they might. Donald will go down whatever happens with the election, but until then the democrats will use him to get votes.

If the republicans win the house in November, you have more trouble and bullshit theater there, than on the streets when Trump is indicted, unless the nutcases elected by the GOP incite violence.