Mars Hydro 2020 Black Friday Giveaway starts now


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Hello Guys, Do you still remember the new giveaway I mentioned in the thread( It is the time to begin it now. And Black Friday Promo is upcoming too. :weed: :hug: :weed: :hug: :bigjoint:

Promotion of Mars Hydro Black Friday:
Time: Nov.27th-30th

-Save up to 15% for Mars Hydro Light&Tent
-Incredible savings:
1.Extra $100 off for every $1000
2.Extra $150 off for every $1500
3.Random gift

Leave message "BlackfridayRIU"when you place the order. Then you will get a extra yoyo or grow bag as the gift!:leaf::weed::bigjoint::leaf:;)
It's the ultimate sale in 2020, don't miss out.:bigjoint::clap::clap: Order from Mars Hydro official ebay topledfactorystore


Mars Hydro 2020 Black Friday Giveaway starts now

Giveaway Time: Nov.24 - Nov.30
Black Friday Sale Time: Nov.27 - Nov.30
How to enter giveaway?bongsmilie
- Like our posts and Follow @MarsHydrofactory on
- leave comment and Share cannabis pictures or indoor plants of your own indoor growing.
- Tell us which mars hydro light you prefer and add hashtag #MarsHydroBlackFriday.
- Write your country and Choose a non-repeat number from 1~8888 for each post

1.TS600 full grow kits .
(TS600+2'x2' grow tent+carbon filter+fan+timer+thermohygrometer+grow bag+planting net+yoyo hangers...)

2.Coupon 50USD:
we will draw one random person to get 50USD COUPON EVERY DAY from 27th-30th.
Coupon is valid to use within our Black Friday deals (27th-30th).

The winner will be randomly picked from all numbers on Nov.30th.(More posts get more lucky numbers, keep following and commenting every day)
This is really a nice chance to get a free complete grow kit. Welcome to join us. Peace and Love. :hug::hug::hug::clap::weed::weed::hug::hug::hug:

Welcome to visit the site to add the item into cart and wishlist in advance for the update promotion:

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Dear RIU Growers.

This giveaway are available for all the RIU Mars Hydro growers and Non-Mars Hydro Growers who are interested in Mars Hydro. Good Luck for your guys, and happy growing:hug::hug::leaf::leaf::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed:

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Uk#8887 thanks Mars for the opportunity I like the sp300 would work a dream in my 120x90x180 tent
My little girls in the above mentioned tent #marshydroblackfriday