Medicgrow Spectrum X and Y melonsicle grow show

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I’m interested, will try more defol on one plant next grow. I did the same test this last grow but not that extreme. I had some better consistency in bud size over all with minor defol, but not much difference if any in overall yield If not a bit less.


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Question …. Is that area of accelerated growth from overlap of spec x and y ?

Couldn’t make out from pics.

I was on the fence about the schwazzing technique , but they look like they are pushing forward nicely.
Although I’m sure there some strains that probably not tolerate it as well.


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What's up fellow rollitupers and growmies decided to do a new grow with the medicgrow spectrum x and y First thing I noticed about them was that nothing on the box said anything about a led being inside (stealth shipping)! I was rather worried about that because one of the reps said they didn't have stealth shipping but another rep told me they did..Wow are these things bright I purchased them to replace my revolution deva doeble ended CMH 1000watt and my crecer lighting vertX 600 anyways here goes nothing. Strain is melonsicle by thseeds.View attachment 4962535Heres my rdwc set up under my old lights
Stealth shipping goes with spectrum x and y right now. As for fold 8 and ez8, we can arrange stealth shipping for those in need. :weed: