Mephisto's skyrone stomper and fastbuds rhino ryder

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    Whoops my stoned ass confused your green crack with donandos GSC the GSC is the strain I've heard that eats a shit ton of nutes not green crack but from your feeding that seems about average with all my normal feeding autos your mixing to 1 gallon of water?

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    2 litres, not sure what that is in gallons ... yeah wouldn't call it eating a lot but definitely hasn't shown any sensitivity to being fed
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    Very nice for your first auto I thought I'd get 10 grams out of my first one and it ended up being 3oz and haven't gotten less than ounce ever so I stuck with the autos, there's a member here (justugh) who taught me the basics and helped me out a bunch he really really knows his shit
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    I'll have a read ...
    yeah she's outdone my expectations , all the talk about autos being shit and CFL's being shit I thought I was destined to fail but getting closer n closer to the finish line now :D
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    Right, I felt the same way I bought the seeds then started looking around on RIU and got so discouraged but at the same time this is great place as I got help from so many people and continue to get help, as soon as I figured out how to keep the plant alive I also found out alot of the shit taking just comes down to personal preference I've found what works for me and love it

    HansBud Well-Known Member

    Day 55 for skyrone about another fifteen or twenty days till chop possibly a couple more not really sure yet slowed down her nute uptake and gave her 2mls bloom and 5mls of bud candy she'll get the same dose next watering then it's just straight water from there

    Day 41 for rhino ryder she's at 18.5 inches or 47cm she got waters yesterday with 1ml if bio bloom and 2mls of bud candy I'm taking it really easy on her as she is very sensitive to nutes she won't require many throughout the grow and she seems happy as a clam

    Day 27 for menage a Tyrones accidentally toxicicated em both with nitrogen no nute burn but super dark green and curled tips were a clear enough sign just straight water for them until they show signs of hunger

    Day 9 for fastbuds GSC she's showing a bit of purpling on her new growth I looks as if it's from being too cold but the temps haven't gotten below 71f hoping she'll just grow out of it

    Skyrone Stomper


    Rhino Ryder


    Menage a Tyrone


    And Girl Scout Cookies


    The whole fam


    HansBud Well-Known Member

    Well shit just got back from a business trip and my buddy who also grows was supposed to care for my babies and well he didnt... don't know why but what can ya do now, chopped skyrone last night she was on day 63 wanted her to go to at least day 70 so not too too early but a little longer would of been better
    Rhino Ryder was super sad when I got back on Sunday lots of yellowing on her fans due to lack of water and nutes have her a good watering some bloom and bud candy she's perked back up and looking good now but the yellow is a definite eye sore, menage was also droopy when I got back gave her the same watering and feeding as rhino she's looking way better as well

    GSC was absolutely fine still small for how old but looking healthy! I'll get some pics up tonight!

    HansBud Well-Known Member

    Here's some quick pics just look at the damage it's so depressing, I have more seeds of the same strains so I'll be just as excited on the next run to see what they really can do

    Rhino day 50


    Menage a Tyrone day 36

    And the GSC day 18

    Also will be putting a fastbuds lsd-25 in the dirt tomorrow and gonna try out a 15 litre air I pot instead of the usual smart pot
    Just Let Me Be Faded

    Just Let Me Be Faded Well-Known Member

    Looking really good! What kind of lights yuah got?
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    HansBud Well-Known Member

    I run 4 Mars hydro 300's

    HansBud Well-Known Member

    Here's rhino on day 56 maybe one more feeding then straight water for her finish

    Menage a Tyrones are on day 42 and looking good the frost is really coming out hard I'm very excited to see these finish!

    Here's her sister in a 1 gallon

    GSC on day 24 just showed her pistols yesterday so her stretch is about to start:) Ive also decided to ditch my old nutrient line and buy all advanced nutrients (sensi bloom part A and B, carboload, overdrive, and voodoo juice, I'll also be using bud candy and when/if I need it B-52) for this girl and the rest of my baby's to come. Rhino and menage a Tyrone will stay on the old nutrient line (general organics with some advanced nutrients)

    And last but not least lsd-25 poked her out head out 4 days ago very excited about this one as well as I'm trying out a 15L airpot to see what the hype is about
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    Sampled any of the skyrone yet ? Looks to have foxtailed a bit but looks nice!

    Nothing worse then coming home and seeing your plants sad lol could have been worse , that b-52 is meant to be good stuff I was looking at there rhino-skin I think it's similar .

    Phones not showing ya most recent pics for some reason , will be back to try get a look though :)
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    Oh yeah I've sampled her she tastes way better than she smells, she smells slightly citrusy with some OG dank and skunk, she tastes like kinda piney but very sweet I love it, the high is very nice too just two tokes does it for me for about 2-3 hours, the high starts very sativa like and about half hour into it you start feeling your body go slightly numb and slumpy all around great smoke! The foxtailing is in her genetics (a couple of mephistos strains are foxtailers) and I'm guessing I got more of a SODK pheno as I've grown sodka and the structure of the buds look very similar

    The B-52 is definitely where it's at Ive use it for seedlings if they have a purplish stem and or just start using it around 2 1/2 weeks and you can definitely see a difference the next day, it's used mostly for a quick absorption of nutes and to help reduce stress on a plant definitely helps the stalk and stems too! The rhino skin on the other hand is more of a version of silica I believe,I could be wrong though either way advanced nutrients are just kick ass yes very expensive but well worth it!

    HansBud Well-Known Member

    Day 64 for rhino thinking about chopping her in another 10 days or so she's been on straight water for the past couple days

    Day 50 for menage a Tyrone she's covered in tricks! And stinks soo bad very strong pine musk coming from her

    Day 32 for GSC she's still in the middle of her stretch but I don't think she has much more to go, which lead me to go back to 20/4 for my lights a couple days ago,
    I've been running 24/0 for a couple runs and definitely notice a difference in growth. My other plants that were on 20/4 just exploded when it came time to stretch, running 24/0 I've also noticed slower and smaller growth in seedlings as well so back to 20/4 for me I do 5/1 method (5 hours on 1 off)and here is GSC



    And here is lsd 25 on day 11 she's just been started on small feeds


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    HansBud Well-Known Member

    Here we are on day 70 for rhino one more week and she comes down


    Menage a Tyrone on day 56 today and only getting a couple more feedings before just water for her

    Day 38 for GSC she's really getting into flowering now and the trichromes are setting in very nicely

    View attachment 3889393

    And day 17 for LSD 25



    idfuckmyplants Well-Known Member

    Got a nice gap between your plants , one gets chopped another not far behind :)
    Some fat looking buds on that rhino !!
    LSD looking like she's off to a decent start, look forward to seeing if she turns as purple as fast buds show
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    indianajones Well-Known Member

    the mephisto stuff looks so much better than the fastbuds.

    fastbuds doesn't even have many trichomes on the leaf
    surfaces, reminds me of when i used to grow seeds i found
    in bags of midgrade lol.

    idfuckmyplants Well-Known Member

    Fast buds have plenty decent strains , if you want to judge quality by frost then fast buds have plenty strains which are frosty as fuck :p


    No experience with mephisto and look forward to trying a few but I wouldn't limit my choice to them alone :)
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    HansBud Well-Known Member

    As we all know it's really about how it smokes:bigjoint:
    Thanks for checking out the grow!
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