Miracle Gro nutrients?

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    its just new growth. have you started 12/12?

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    I say grow those seeds dont use any nutes use water. Get the hang of everything else do u have a hid light, cfl, no light idk u said ur 19, no bigi just dont go blow 500 on an for ur 1st 5 seeds. Just buy good soil and top dress with fresh soil if they start turning yellow gd luck peace out 1Life.

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    That's what I'm using. I have tried the powder form but it really isnt as good. MG is fine trust me :)

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    I used Miracle Grow for this year's outdoor crop and it worked fine. It may be a little "hot" and missing on a few micro nutrient fronts, but for the cost vs. results perspective it cannot be beat. Furthermore, there was no residual chemical flavor, harshness, weird burning or other oddities that some attibute to Miracle Gro. Like Uncle Ben keeps saying (and I paraphrase) "...watch your plants and give them what they are telling you they need - not what the nute companies are telling you..."

    A writeup and pics of one of the plants harvested this fall that was weened on Miracle Gro.


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    Use Miracle grow half strength and you'll be fine. You don't need any fancy Advanced Nutrient line and a plethora of supplements that will keep you mixing thirteen different products at different amounts each week. If you look at the feeding charts for some of these nutrient lines you just have to laugh. Adding 2ml of this and 3ml of that suplement on top of the base nutrients each week. It changes every week too so you'll be adding 5 ml of another thing on top of the 10 ml of the must have super dooper bloom booster one week and then bumping those down when you add 10 ml ofsuper secret bud blaster. Then you have to add your carbs, vitamins, and other things that most plant experts will tell you that the plant can't use anyway.

    So after you spend a couple hundred dollars on all this fancy stuff you may very well end up in the plant problems page asking why you have crispy leaves covered in brown spots and people will be fighting to tell you you need to add cal-mag, you have a P deficiency, You need more nutes etc. When the real problem is you fried your plant by using too much crap and your growing medium has become toxic to your plant.

    Get a $5.00 bottle of Miracle Grow and GOOD soil and you will be fine.

    And for the record, I have used Advanced, Botanicaire, and General Hydroponics. None of them did any better than the cheap VitaGrow nutrients I use now.
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    I have tried more lines and supplements then I would like to even realize.

    I got to a point where I ran 3 supplements and base nutes. ( Gravity, Snow Storm Ultra, and MOAB along with my base of choice for the given cycle ) As stated over and over, more times then the results where pretty much similar if not sometimes better just running base alone.

    Now I run CNS-17 from Botanicare its 3 bottles and that is it. For my organic stuff, Roots Organic Uprising if you want to buy a working line. 3 bags and that is it.

    Oh I do use "supplements" at transplant but they are used literally that 1 time and that is it.... which is Grow Booster or something ( its humic acid and kelp ), Hygrozyme if reusing medium, and Roots Excel. oh some superthrive but that is it..... I only use them once!!

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    Lol, Jesus Christ...
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    I have used miracle grow in soiless coco in 5 gallon fabric pots for veg to save some cash on my first grow. Yielded about 10 oz from 2 plants scrog in a 2x5 under a 300w led light. Im actually using it in ebb n flow right now. Its working :). I would just say it is a tad bit slower in contributing to growth initially as it needs to be broken down by bennies. Once the cycle kicks in nutrients are converted at a exponential rate as bacteria grows exponentially. I would say at flower its best to use hydroponics based nutes as it can be absorbed quickly in that flower time to maximize growth potential.

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    lol i was thinking the same thing

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    I am currently using MG Organic Tomato ferts and i am on my first grow..i did not know about the Nitrogen being absorbed differently because it was from urea! This thread has been so informative but i personally have yet to have any problems with MG ferts...i dilluted as needed and have yet to see a sign of deficiencies or burn....my question to you good people is, is it okay to veg with MG ferts and Flower with something more suited. Reason im asking is because taste is everything to me when it comes to nugs. And i hear MG fert alters taste and sometimes smokability

    P.s sorry, dont mean to hijack the thread

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    If MiracleGro is working for you, that's great. For flower, you might consider Grow More Sea Grow. It's in the same price range as MG. And, since you mentioned this is your first grow, you might consider using GM for veg in your next grow.

    I discuss GM here: https://www.rollitup.org/t/well-known-members-nutes.837648/page-2#post-10702660

    And, my feeding schedule here: https://www.rollitup.org/t/grow-more-fertilizer.621368/#post-10664097

    Feel free to pm me if you have questions, or reply to that 2nd link (grow more thread).

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    Man almost every time I mix some miracle grow it burn my shit up... Even small plants 5-10 inchs tall and 3-5 weeks into veg get burnt by it? like 50% of the time or more maybe i'm just making it too concentrated or it's just not a good nutrient soruce, just regular blue miracle grow crystal's.

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    What were the PPMs? 2.5 grams of MG All Purpose should produce 410ppm. That's what I'd shoot for. Maybe 3g and 490ppm.

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    MG is intended for soil and potting mixes containing insoluble forms of calcium and should be treated similarly to organics.

    The nitrifying bacteria will break down the ammonia from the synthetic urea, converting it to nitrate, and regulating the nitrate : ammonium ratio naturally.

    A higher nitrate:ammonium ratio promotes bushier, lighter green leaf, while a lower nitrate:ammonium ratio promotes dark green, glossy looking leaves.

    In hydro (all calcium in soluble form), feeding urea is not appropriate.



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    Erm, I'm new here. But I used MG for 5 of my plants and rock nutrients for my other 6 ( have 11 in total). N so far the ones on Miracid are growing pretty good. Can't make much of a comparison cos the 2 batches are about 10 days apart in age though. Sorry.

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    Ive learned alot of nutes work who ever blames it on nutes often discourage others to buy certain products I didnt trust MG until ive seen gd results in perso in so ive learned MG works good if you dont overfeed ph unbalance/deficencies/lock outs is quite common with any nute brand ph balancers needed just dont try to blame nutesor other factors of course some shiit happens but most part its on usblame the grower we all messed up its how you learn

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    After stalking the nutrient shelves of the local (Insert WM logo here) reading the labels with a general idea of finding something organic like the Alaska Fish Fert 5-1-1 mentioned earlier in this thread.

    Nature's Care
    Natural All-Purpose
    Water Soluble Plant Food
    For Organic Gardening

    This is a 10-3-6 organic OMRI certified powder in a 1 pound bag for about $7.

    Total Nitrogen (N).................................................10%
    0.25% Ammoniacal Nitrogen
    9.50% Other Water Soluble Nitrogen
    0.25% Water Insoluble Nitrogen​
    Available Phosphate (P2O5) …...............................3%
    Soluble Potash (K2O) ….........................................6%
    Calcium (Ca) ….......................................................3%
    Sulfur (S) …..........................................................1.5%

    Derived from: Soy Protein Hydrolysate, Bone Meal, Sunflower Hull Ash and Sulfate of Potash.

    This is a MG organic division so giving it a try.
    Clown Baby

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    MG will work.

    You could also pick up an all-purpose 10-10-10, 20-20-20, or whatever they have. I think a lot of MG nitrogen is ammonium, which isn't as plant-available as nitrate. From what I've seen the all-purpose ones use nitrate. Check the label.

    You definitely don't need cannabis-specific products.

    edit: just saw churchaze is posting the nitrification cycle.. hes got you lol

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    Bone meal has a lot of fluoride and heavy metals in it. Not really a safe source of P or Ca.
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