MMJ entrepreneurship, jobs, etc. in Ohio


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Hopefully there is enough of a commercial medical marijuana presence in Ohio now that we can have some discussion of it here.

So, what do you know about MMJ businesses in Ohio? Do you know anyone who is employed by a related business? As of this posting, only a few dispensaries are open for business, and many of the processors and growers are still just getting started. Please post any knowledge you can share or questions you'd like to see answered, whether here or in a dedicated thread. Need potential employees or business partners? Maybe we can help with that here, too.

Any related stories or experiences are welcome. I'm sure Ohio has the patients, interest, and know-how to support a vibrant medical marijuana community that can rival those of other states that have had a head start on us.


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We need to change ohio laws which will allow for even more jobs. Make sure to join NORML and the Sensible Movement Coalition at the state house on June 19th for there loby day. 200 people coming will do nothing while 10,000 makes a loud statment!