Moldy gummies?


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Ive made 2 batches of gummies and after a week or two in a ziplock, both grew mold on them. Are you guys n gals taking any kind of extra precautions or steps to rid them of excess moisture or prevent microbials? kinda hard to sell gummies when they must be eaten within a week-10 days or they will get funky


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I freeze my cannabutter and put my cannaghee in the fridge as I think ghee cant mold. Have not tried to make gummies but am trying with this next harvest Ill have coming up. Altho Im going for no larf so its gonna be hard to make edibles with buds.


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This is a way better recipe. never goes moldy I've kept them for month's in the fridge
That's pretty complicated. I think those bubbles are from her pouring it, and not that it wasn't mixed enough. Just a guess. I've never made gummies with butter. I did a simple recipe with 1 gram of wax. They were crystal clear. I didn't add citric acid, but they lasted weeks in the fridge before I ate them all.

It's the citric acid that's keeping them from molding.

Here's the batch I made. They weren't sour, but I did turn a few into sour gummies by adding citric acid and sugar to some. And then I added KoolAid mixed with sugar to some others.