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    GreenCollarConsulting New Member

    Hey all!

    Just wanted to reach out and see if anyone here has any experience with mosca seeds and if so what's strains? I'm currently growing 2 diesel moonshine plants. They are still babies and I have just begun to LST. There is very little info out there on mosca seeds so please share whatever you feel might be helpful!

    redzi Well-Known Member

    Grown more than 10 packs of their C99. Sticks to the same strains which is what you have to do to offer a stain that is not going to have too many pheno types. Some of his gear is on the expensive side but not any more so than some of these pop ups that want $200 because they have this or that rare strain.
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    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    when I was a baby grower I liked Mosca. Probably because he sent me a box of testers for the cost of a pack of seeds. c99 is the winner, and I dont even keep her anymore.

    LubdaNugs Well-Known Member

    I’ve grown OTM, OTIBG, and Ripple. OTM produced wonderful blueberry muffin tasting weed that was incredibly potent. OTIBG was very similar to OTM, but a little sweeter from the Indiana Bubblegum. The yields were not great, but the quality was awesome. I had germination issues with OTIBG, 2 out of 10, but mosca made it right with a pack of OTM and a half pack of Ripple. The Ripple we’re all male unfortunately. Overall great stuff and they might have produced more if I had vegged them longer, but Im a little impatient sometimes.

    greencropper Well-Known Member

    used Mosca's C99 in some pollen chucks recently...all turned out really good, interested in using OTM as a stud in some future chucks as well as Raspberry Boogie, heard very good things about those too

    LubdaNugs Well-Known Member

    I’ll run some more OTM crosses for sure, the flavor is stellar.

    greencropper Well-Known Member

    great to hear!...funny some banks list the OTM price higher than others compared to the rest of Mosca's wares?

    LubdaNugs Well-Known Member

    I think I payed $125 at The Tude when they first came out. I’ve seen them on sale for $38 a five pack at Seeds Here Now I think.
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    Pee_You Well-Known Member

    Has anyone ran the fems by Mosca yet? They seem to have a few fem strains that are intriguing
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    40AmpstoFreedom Well-Known Member

    The OTM x Indiana Bubblegum is a serious plant yield is xl too. The C99, both versions, were awesome. He has some great gear.
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    LubdaNugs Well-Known Member

    OTIBG. It is super tasty and absolutely devastating. 71C25FF7-FFC6-4E39-9CAB-E36639CCEF69.jpeg

    greencropper Well-Known Member

    got some OTM coming in the next few days from the tude, gonna use a 'him' as stud over...
    Exotic Genetix - Candy Apple Kush
    GGG - Bright Moments
    Hazeman - Mikado
    Greenpoint - Orange Blossom Special
    PNW - Cherry Alien
    Bodhi - Goji OG

    beans are hitting the jiffies as soon as those OTM arrive before the weekend i hope
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    dubekoms Well-Known Member

    DC seed exchange just stocked mosca c99 s1's...I kinda want to grab a pack and compare them to female seeds c99. Maybe even do a grow with bros grimm ,female seeds, and mosca lol
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    greencropper Well-Known Member

    these arrived today a bit late, will be hitting the jiffy pots in the morning

    JackStraw74 Active Member

    Rage OGK fems here, while some variation in growth between 3 of them, they are consistent in structure so far. 20180204_065044.jpg
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    feva Well-Known Member

    im running pink lemon-aid. i have 2 females both look very similar two distinct smells. one smells like orange rind and i mean really strong. other one smells like powdered lemonaid straight from the packet or canister before adding water lol. the one in the pic is the orange rind. first day of 12/12 was 1-10-18 cant wait for them to finish. IMG_6159.JPG IMG_6153.JPG
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    the gnome

    the gnome Well-Known Member

    Ive had nothing but great results with Mosca,
    his OTM crosses are top shelf, his bubble gum and chem4 OTM crosses are notable.
    one chem4 pheno was so potent it made a few peeps nearly vomit :spew:


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    LubdaNugs Well-Known Member

    Nice bud/leaf ratio on that tsi fly.

    jonsnow399 Well-Known Member

    throw some Peakseedsbc c99's in there too
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    the gnome

    the gnome Well-Known Member

    yup.... a trimmerz Deelite for sure, tsi fly is close to being the full package on all points.

    here's another bubbagum pheno, she's a frostee rock hard OTM leaner

    otm x ibg is my fav Mosca offering,
    I haven't tried any of the new stuff he's come out with,
    the pink line stuff and he's added some completely new things

    more IBG
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