My Experiance With CBD Oil cannabidiol


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What brand was it?

With CBD being so hyped up right now, there are a lot of bogus companies hopping in that do sell snake oil instead of the real deal.

But like many things, it's important not to throw the baby out with the bath water, and the medicinal benefits of CBD is proven.

Discounting CBD all together from a bad product from one bad company would be like claiming marijuana doesn't grow because one bad company sent you bunk seeds :D
Been so long ago I can't even recall details.
Maybe you can answer this for me.

If you were going to treat an anxiety disorder with
CBD how would you go about it.

The trick part is that THC makes it worse.

My thought is That the thc is needed but in like a 10cbd 1thc ratio.

Grow the 10 to 1. Make it into concentrate and dab or eat it.

I get that a 1 to 1 is good but no way would I want to try it.



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Agreed. There is a difference between CBD Oil, Hemp Oil, and Hemp Seed Oil.

CBD Oil can be made with Hemp-Extracted CBD or from CBD Isolate, but Hemp Seed Oil is, as you said, different all together.

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CBD Oil can be made with Hemp-Extracted CBD or from CBD Isolate, but Hemp Seed Oil is, as you said, different all together.
There is also cannabis extracted cbd, the more resinous plants have a greater concentration of cbd in them compared to hemp. The theory is that because less plants are used to make the extract there will be less toxins transferred into the final extract. It would be the difference in a feedstock of say 6%cbd hemp buds vs. 20% cbd buds. There are some pretty good cbd plants available out there. I imagine the market is going to be flooded with hemp cbd extract just due to the situation in the states. It’s all cannabis, just different grades of quality.

The pure cbd crystals are imported from Spain and diluted into MCT. It’s one of those things you can cut and make money on lol. Good margins in it from what I hear. It’s already proven that these cbd crystals are not as medically effective as whole plant extracts are.

Apparently a small amount of cbd isolate has limited medical effect, but more has less effect and too much has negative effects.

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If you were going to treat an anxiety disorder with
CBD how would you go about it.
I would get a bag of clean, organic, high cbd bud or grow some. Then make some decarboxylated coco or alcohol extract (or tincture) and test it for effect.

Last year I found a cbd Pheno in some 1:1 F1’s from CBD Crew. This year I’m going to try some DinaMed 2.0 which looks like quite a plant.


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Hello, Im posting this to help others who my be looking for experience reports from someone who used pure cbd. I was interested because ive suffered with different mental problems including insomnia, depression, delusions, anti social and more. Also I was a big pot smoker and I grew up around it. Smoking daily leads me to all the above problems and also paranoia. So you can say im one of the few who have problems from it possibly due to my usage at an early age before 13.

So I got some pure CBD oil (not going to say source I don't want to be accused of affiliation and I don't want to promote this source cuz there way to expensive anyway.) I took it recently and after using it for 2 days I wrote a short report. Its not the best report because im no scientist or anything I just wrote what i could come up with.

Saturday morning feeling angry, anxious, negative thoughts, life feels like a burden, depression. I take 1/2 gram oil orally aprox. 90mg CBD within the first hour im little more relaxed. Within 3 hours mood lifts, relaxed and enjoyed the rest of the night followed by a good 7 hours of sleep.

Sunday morning awake feeling ok alittle groggy. I take 1/2 gram oil orally aprox. 90mg CBD, seems to take a few hours to take full effect. uplifted mood for most of the day and feeling of relaxation. Feels like the after effects of smoking marijuana. Seems to last a good 8 hours or more. relaxation even seems to stretch out into the next day even without a dose.

Positives Relaxation, uplifted mood

Negatives can cause laziness, unknown long term effects tolerance diminishing effects worsening of symptoms ect. EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE at $25 per 1/2 gram dose.

So that's what I got for now. I also wanted to start this thread to maybe add to it if I continue to use it. This may take some time since I will not be paying for it at its current price I would have to acquire it by other means and im not in a good medical marijuana state like Cali or Colorado. I am smart tho and I can acquire this one way or another for far less and probably far more potent as far as CBD to gram ratio.

I am afraid of the long term effects. Im not afraid of it harming my body im afraid it will only have short term effects which will fade or stop working and then when i stop using it im far worse then I was before I started. This could mean me loosing my job.

Think thats it for now if anyone has anything to add that would be cool.
This is a good review. I think anyone will helpfull from this report.