Mystery Liquid Killing Plant


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One of the 6 plants in my grow tent has water droplets on it that's killing the plant. This did not happen immediately after a watering. It's an organic grow so the water has no synthetic nutrients only pH and natural minerals from the well. I've accidentally gotten water on the leaves in the past and never seen anything like this. This plant was the closest to the humidifier however so possibly some water droplets fell onto the plant. All of the pistils and leaves that the water has touched are turning brown. Everything was green last night when I woke up this morning all of the areas that the water droplets have touched our Brown. I do have hard water but this seems excessive. When I touch the liquid with my fingers it seems to have a little bit more of an oily texture than water. Could be something rubbing off the leaves though. Any thoughts I appreciate it. Thanks



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I’m pretty sure the water just magnified the light & it caused it to burn the plant (think magnifying glass and ant). It’s happened to me in the past
Google it

I don't know why your water would do that, obviously there is something in it. I suggest don't use it or invest in R.O. If you have hard water, the droplet evaporates and leaves behind what's in your water condensed on the leafs and it burns them.