Nebula's Manifold Technique outdoors?

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    Alright so I was reading the "main-lining" technique created by "nugbuckets" and saw that "Nebula" had made a better version of main-lining that yields more and was wondering if this method can be done outdoors? The link provided
    Kevin the Great

    Kevin the Great Well-Known Member

    Sure it can. I believe the only difference is that Nebula makes a FIM cut rather than a normal topping. I've tried that mainlining technique and it didn't work very well for me. Maybe it was just the strain in was using.
    Now I mainline pretty much every photo plant that I have. It's a better addiction than some...

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    Off topic but how do I personal message someone? Could you take a screenshot or something.. maybe I haven't been a member long enough to have that feature.
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    TrimothyLeary Well-Known Member

    I just made my first cuts on some outdoor Frisian Ducks, both getting the manifold treatment.

    I'm following both Nebula and Nugbuckets, to see which may be better, but overall manifolding outdoors is the same as indoors.

    Nebula does it a little different, but it's still a toppidng, not a FIM.

    Manifolding outdoors will likely require tying down and staking, and some wind protection if it gets really windy.

    I let my plant get used to the transplant into the ground for a week before making my cuts, and the plants were at about the 5th node at that point. I cut back to three and trimmed all below.
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    Tejashidrow Active Member

    Nebulas tech is not "better".
    Just a bit quicker and efficient.
    Nebs is a bit less "tidy" than nugbuckets.There are NO fim cuts in either nugs mainline or nebulas manifold
    Every cut is a top.
    ( unless your just removing fan leaves...)
    I'd recommend reviewing nebulas manifold tech a few times over.
    For a first timer it is a bit easier than nugbuckets.
    Do Nebulas first,Then try nugbuckets.
    I love both techs, but use nebulas .
    Grow peacefully

    ilovetoskiatalta Well-Known Member

    I love mainlining and I will try out clones for the first time. I noticed that nugbuckets produced "stronger"
    Branching and Nebulas method was quicker. The longer veg period by nugbuckets has made bigger root mass in the same 7 gallon pots. At least with my grows. I have been fortunate not to run out of weed so I try and grow out the plants and I have patience. If you are looking for a fast turnover it will not be for you. The other thing is after the 12/12 stretch and you defoliate the bottoms of your plants for desired cola size the daily maintenance is considerably less. I just water and feed them and inspect the buds for any issues. I also think it helps with canopy management. I have never done a 16 head plant only 8.

    ThegrowerMOJO Well-Known Member

    I quit doing this years ago! takes way to damn long to veg them right for what little extra if any you get in return.And if I remember correctly I'm the one that turned Nebula haze onto main-lining in the first place.I was on of the first grow weed easy members .
    ganga gurl420

    ganga gurl420 Well-Known Member

    I used this technique with my last grow and got amazing results. Worked well to have even spaces between my buds to allow good air flow. Just make sure to secure the split in the trunk of the plant. I had one try to split from a bad wind storm. received_10154625819057263.jpeg
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    coreywebster Well-Known Member

    That is a beast!
    ganga gurl420

    ganga gurl420 Well-Known Member

    Thanks man!
    ganga gurl420

    ganga gurl420 Well-Known Member

    That's kind of cool man

    zypheruk Well-Known Member

    Just hate people with small hands, always makes things look bigger lol. Nice trunk.
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    ganga gurl420

    ganga gurl420 Well-Known Member

    lol thanks

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