Need a caregiver


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Need a caregiver in east Mesa . I was hit by a car. went to a marijuana doctor , qualified. Received an approval email from the state of Arizona saying my mmj card is on the way. It’s been a month and I have no card and no medicine. Have all paperwork and approval email. My doctor says I can get medicine from a caregiver. Can someone help? I am in pain because I refuse to take opioids.


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It's a plant. It grows by itself. Dont buy anything from anyone in Az. They do not understand plants in Arizona. They do not understand Cannabis. Its all tainted bullshit. I won't even tell anyone in this state i smoke. The entire state is fucking mental. They hate weed yet grow it for a living? These dudes will look you straight in the eye and tell you their shit is legit. Sorry, I think the OG should smell like some form of Cannabis at least, not like 16 fucking brands of grow product and 4 systemic diseases.

I just tried 16 shops and 4 deliveries. You cant tell any strain apart and none of them smelled like Cannabis,let alone identifiable. What ever the fuck is wrong with Azs grows, its never going to change. These dudes are convinced Og smells like bud rot and neem cake...