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    BobBitchen Well-Known Member

    were talking "cloning" , no roots = no nutrient uptake

    Clone King, non PH'ed tap water, 14 days
    IMG_1776 copy.jpg IMG_0069.jpg
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    DirtyEyeball696 Well-Known Member

    I just use cogo’s

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    Go go n chill

    Go go n chill Well-Known Member

    Thanks, like I said I did buy a oxycloner, but I’m sure once I start I’ll try multiple methods. I’ll be picking your brain in the future . Thx

    Kkesu Active Member

    It seems to depend what they're growing in honestly, I use rockwool cubes for rooting clones and put into soil and aside from PHing the cubes before they're used (as per instructions on the package) I can honestly say I've never PHd my water and havn't had an issue with it. Although I will admit I am only on my second grow now, I did finish my first grow though and got about 80g. The only issue I've really had with it was a mag deficiency but that's cause I didn't have a sweetner. If you grow in hydro then yes it's very important but soil from what I've seen doesn't really need it.

    Axle4worc Well-Known Member

    I dipped my clones in clonex rooting gel. Set up my turboklone with two and a half gallons of water clonex solution, hydroguard and Roots accelerator gold. First time using the cloner. This is what they look like after 2 weeks. 20180211_105917.jpg
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    Axle4worc Well-Known Member

    Conditions I kept my cloner in. Never replace the water only added some when it got low. I put an aquarium thermometer with a remote probe into the reservoir. Turboklone has a fan that keeps the water the same as room temperature so I made sure it never went over 75. I added an AirStone to the reservoir. pH my water to 5.7. for the first few days, within 12 hours it would usually be up to about 6.1 to 6.3. after a few days the pH was more stable. Oh I also use the timer 15 minutes on 15 minutes off.
    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    Because you have them under too intense a light!

    I use NO direct lighting.....Indirect only, and my cuttings don't begin to "grow" and "yellow" over rooting because they are getting lighting enough to go into full photosynthesis........

    Not bad.....

    Scraped do root faster...

    There is something about plants that once gave good fast rooting clones and then they got slow, weak, and run rather less then they should...That some know around here and never speak of......
    The "fix" is rather eye opening.... You treat with a "systemic" anti fungal.....This is now a mother plant only. You take cuts from that and re-establish the now running as it should strain. Back into your stable.

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