New to growing Autoflowers

Hello need some advice I’m a beginner grower and look for any tips I can get my plant is in the Veg stage it green poison xL Auto I’ve never done an auto before but seems to be going good I’ve been watering while lights are on and going about 2 days before watering again is that okay for my auto plant I also have 2 amnesias going as well....


Here pic of one of my amnesias I also see a deficiency in it didn’t know what to do about it maybe you can help the 2 little leaves on the stem has died and idk why I give all of them 18/6 light cycle and only water when dry I’ve watered them yesterday while under light n haven’t for a day now don’t know what’s wrong


Special Kdog

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Looks good, are those cloth pots? If so there will be a stretch about 3-6 weeks in where over watering is difficult. Usually about the the time they switch internally to flowering. Autos can be finicky and some can be resilient. I broke the main branch on an auto white widow almost completely Duct taped it back on and a few weeks later it put out a big cola like nothing ever happened. I would avoid fertilizing unless you have to and a lot depends on how much dirt and what you started with. I always just used some plant food with every watering starting about 3 weeks in. I was using one of the fox farms bags of dirt. Stare at the plants for a while and let them talk to you.


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I suggest using a feeding schedule like this.

The soil probably has enough nutrients for 1st 3 weeks to support your plant.

I wouldn't give nutes during that time.
Yes they are fabric pots I currently feed my plants distill water the soil i used is happy frog with happy frog fertilizer and some crushed oyster shells right now all I give them is water(when needed) I do have a moister meter my big concern is how far to have my lights from the plants right now they are about 18 inches from the top of the plant is that good for the veg stage or does someone got sum tips on how high my lights need to be? I. have 2 300 watt led full spectrum lights and got 2 more coming in I also just ordered some roots organic 707 that I’m looking forWard to trying on my new auto I just got “white Sirius”...And how often should I check my plant my girl thinks I’m a lil obsessed lol!
Naw I haven’t I’ve just been using distilled water and I do have calmg plus I been trying to figure out what nutes I need to get for when they are in flowering stage right now they are still in veg stage
I thought about purchasing these are these good for autoflowers I really wanna lean towards organic I’m wanna learn to be an organic grower I will put another pic of my amnesias Auto tell me what you think I feel it slowed down I have a 2 300 watt at about 18inches above the plants