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    I have growed ouside in ground as well as 5 gallon buckets, never a problem, I never even paid attention to ph levels,still never a I decided to get a 5 by 5 tent and grow indoors.
    Light: 1000hps (at 75% "22 inches)
    grow: 8 WW autoflowers out of 10 germinated
    3 gallon pots
    "6 inch exhaust and intake
    age: 15 days old
    soil: Harvest farms organic(home depot)..I think its the problem
    Plants are "3 high and struggling, yellow with dark spots
    gave nutes once 1/4 teaspoon of grow big @ gallon
    water every 2 days, roughly 17 oz per plant
    PH is good in soil as well as water

    They look horrible, I am torn between replanting them or throwing them away all together n starting a regular grow, any help is appreciated.

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    GreenLogician Well-Known Member

    Use a gentler light until they are bigger, don't feed until they are bigger, and they shouldn't need water every 2 days until they are bigger.
    Bad soil can also cause just this sort of thing, so that's a good guess too.

    On a side note, you'd pull more airflow using both your fans for exhausts and opening up some passive intakes. It's just harder to control light leaks.

    chrisley69 New Member

    Thanks for your input!!
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    Gumdrawp Well-Known Member

    It looks like your soil. What are you using? I already see way to much wood in your soil. Hps also isn't exactly ideal for veg or seedlings in particular. I'd put it down to the lowest setting and go higher. Plants that size can grow under much weaker light.

    JimmyTheNewb Well-Known Member

    To much light id say.. Soil might not be the greatest but it should still grow plants

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    Who here is selling?

    GreenLogician Well-Known Member

    I promised my mum I would never sell, sorry

    chrisley69 New Member

    it is harvest organic soil, I pulled one up and it looked like root rot. being that they are autoflowers and it is going on week 3 and they look like they are still in week 1 I think I will dump them and start over with regular plants in 5 gallon buckets, fox farm soil, so I take it I need to use only 500 watt mh for first couple weeks after transplanting them up it to 750 or 1000 ( i have adjustable ballest) like I said I have always growed outside in Miracle gro soil with no problems but I def. have some work to do for indoor grow lol...any input is appreciated

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    You are either woefully igrnorant or you are a cop. Four posts in four different threads that have nothing to do with the OP's thread topic where you are asking people to sell you shit. This a marketplace of ideas, not ebay for cannabis. So, as I said, you are either so ignorant that you are asking other people who don't know you to break the law and put their freedom in danger just so you can score some weed, or you are a cop. Either way you should probably piss off.
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    Also, sorry to @chrisley69 for derailing your post for a minute. Everyone carry on with friendly advice giving. :)

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