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    mrplowdan Member

    Hey all,

    I'm a refuge from cc and then overgrow forums. Bit of a lurker but thought I'd introduce myself.

    Just finished a little outdoor crop and now I'm contemplating a little personal wardrobe grow.

    I used hempy buckets for the first time for my outdoor grow and I'm very happy with my results. Even though the short summer didn't allow my blueberries to finish my incredible bulk did amazing.

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    Whats Up Snow Fighter!!!!!!! Man good to see a brother in arm around here LOL, 19 seasons of playing in the snow here man, Drop those blades Boys its 3am wake up fuckers LOL those were the days shit 28 hrs at a time in a truck with just tunes and mountain dew to keep you going. I cant wait to play in the snow this year, Im private now, Im going to do free senior and disabled individuals for free this year just to plow i know im sick.
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    moondance Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

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    BarnBuster Virtually Unknown Member

    welcome to RIU
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    tharoomman Well-Known Member

    I considered getting some IncredibleBulk but ended up going with some 60 Day Lemon.

    What's your opinion, smoke/yield wise, on that IB?

    Welcome to riu
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    jacrispy Well-Known Member

    welcome to RIU
    you got any pics of your grow?
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    Bbcchance Well-Known Member

    Welcome to RIU
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    tusseltussel Well-Known Member

    Welcome, we're all mad here.
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    upinthesticks Well-Known Member

    Welcome. Any pics of your incredible bulk? I have some going now. I ran some a few months back, but had my first hermie experience, and the crop went to shit. Have some coming back through the line tho - excited get a fair taste.
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    dandyrandy Well-Known Member

    The last new guy showed us pictures of breasts.

    mrplowdan Member

    Thanks all. The IB did amazingly well and finished late September. Ended up with 8oz in the paper bag stage of curing right now. I expect it to be 6oz when fully dry and trimmed.
    I also had 2 blueberries that didn't even come close to finishing although they were very healthy. I also had 4 tangerine dreams that got pretty close to finishing but I only kept a couple of the very top buds and everything else it going to end up as butter.
    So in the end I'll have about 6oz of nice dry buds and a few pounds of shake.

    girls.jpg half the crew

    inspection.jpg the one in the green bucket is one of the blueberries

    healthy.jpg two in the front are tangerine dream and the two in the back are IB. I ended up with way too many clones so I was just throwing a few extras in this pot and they ended up pretty good.
    8.8.jpg the largest cola
    close.jpg bad shot but it's the best I have right now.

    mrplowdan Member

    I'm patiently waiting for it to dry out. I can't believe my restraint honestly ha!

    The butter I made from my single male blueberry is nicely potent though.
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    GreatwhiteNorth Global Moderator Staff Member

    Welcome to RIU my friend.
    Glad you made it. :cool:
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    mrplowdan Member

    It all disappeared way too fast... As it always does.

    Stealth grows first of the weekly mini plants is just about ready to smoke
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    mrplowdan Member

    First smoke was great, I think I pulled the plants a little early. 3rd rotation was just chopped.
    Pics in my journal

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