New yellow growth on brand new seedling, too much nutrients?


I've started a couple of new seeds in rockwool but this time I followed what some people say about adding a diluted amount of nutrients to the water the rockwool is soaking in. So I soaked it in 1 gallon of 5.8ph RO water with Jacks 321 being:

.45g Jacks Hydro
.3g Calcium Nitrate
.15g Epsom Salt

I've transferred the seedling at sprout to a DWC bucket with the same low nutrient ration, however this photo is of a 1 1/2 week from sprout plant is yellowing at the new leaves and just started its 2nd node. I would think a seedling without nutrients could grow maybe 3-4 nodes before starting to yellow.

Is the mix too strong?
Is it something else potentially (nutrient lock out? Mixed Jacks>Salt>Calcium)?
Maybe not enough N?



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The cotyledon leaves are its food,so when those yellow and dry up then you feed.


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So are you thinking this is a toxicity of some sort then?
Im not familiar with jacks,do you know what ppm it was?If it was low like 200 then it shouldn't be a problem.New growth can yellow at first then green up.