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    homebrew420 Well-Known Member

    Hey all hoping there are some noco people in here. Just wanted to connect with folks in the area. I am in foco.
    I have quite the collection of variwties and am always looking to expand and into new seeds. Also looking for some local testers.


    Sirdabsalot462 Well-Known Member

    Judging your Avatar, I would LOVE to be testing for ya...haha

    But, I'm all the way down here.. :(

    But Fo.Co. Has a shit ton of college kids, I'm sure you'd have plenty of” testers” there.

    Unfortunately, those ”testers” may never leave you alone after the test is
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    chewberto Well-Known Member

    What are your crosses? Why you gotta be all nortano on us south siders? Jk

    Sirdabsalot462 Well-Known Member


    ” nortano”

    homebrew420 Well-Known Member

    Ok for starters this was the list and has grown by a few...
    Seed list complete list as of 1-19-13Accidental MagicAcc magic s1 auto selfingAcc Magic v2 F2MikadoMagic Merlin F2, MerlSoCal Magic, Master Kush x Magic MerlinSoCal Magic x Magic(selfed herm flower)Merlish, MMF2 x MM, bx1Magic, Magic merlin IX,**Magic s1, auto selfMerl Hybrids:-Chem Valley Kush-Pre98 Bubba-DOA-Humboldt Express-F-13-PCK-GDPMaui Wowie x Accidental MagicPaki Punch, PCK x POW(Hazeman)Tahoe OG hybrids:-PCK,3 and 4-Maui Wowie-The TRUTH-Star Dawg-WiFi-Chem 91-Chem Sister-Blue Dream-Green Crack-MambaDuD-Lemon Skunk-NYCD-Pre98-XXX Og*-Somango-Grape Ape-CHem Sour DPCK x HarlequinUncle Willy's, +30yr old CO grown AfghaniHumboldt Express F2Denver Durban, eyeCandi seedsBubba Danko, pre98 x Corleone Kush(DNA), eyeCandiArcata Wreck, s1 male seedsDirty Banana, XXX Og x Banana Smack(Billy Goat seeds),Double Banaynay, Banana Kush? x Banana SmackBOOnana Slap, Booberry x Banana SmackBitch Slap, Banana Smack x Tahoe OGSolar Flair#1, Jaws GearSolar Flair F2(3 sets)Pink Dawg #1, Jaws GearBasic Ape, Jaws GearInsane Strawberry Diesel, Jaws GearRascal Ape, Jaws GearDPD IX1, Jaws GearSuper Silver Haze F3Original Haze (#1), seedsman x SSH aOriginal Haze (#1), seedsman x SSH bOriginal Haze (#2), seedsman x SSH aPre98 x SSH bAlpha Diesel IX1Haze/Skunk mixSkunk#1 x White WidowThe Accident, Master Kush x NL special(hermed fower)Mazar-i-shariff, collected from farmerBag seed, sefled seeds from harvest...alot of different ones, not herm issuesHornBand, Headband x White RhinoCBDiesel, 303 seedsDrunken Monkey, Grape Ape x Moonshine HazeDrunked Bubba, Pre98 x Moonshine Hazesoon to be finished; I have a giant PCK male, green and resinous, crossed onto PCK(2 purple phenos), Magic Space Mutt,* Grape Ape, Pre98, M-i-S, Deep Chenk(purple taranchula looking slow growing), and GDPNext round of seeds to be created; Lemon Skunk reversal. Females to be used, Lemon Skunk, Flo, Grape Ape, Maui, Pre98, Truth, CSD, cherry D*

    Lame that it didn't list them. But there are prob another 30 or so varieties in the last gew months with about 30 or so every 3rd month.

    Foco is strange for me. Have had so little success meeting like minded folk here. Not sure why. Maybe just broke and busy has something to do with it. Haha
    Also if you guys down south want some I am happy to share the love.

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    Jus Naturale

    Jus Naturale Active Member

    Foco! I'm probably pretty like-minded in that I love and adore weed and everything about it, but I'm still figuring out this growing thing and am not worthy of popping any beans like those with my cheap little 12/12 from seed, florescent set-up. I do have a ton of mutt seeds from bags that I'm growing out, and have had great results so far, though. It'd be interesting to see what an experienced grower/breeder could do with some of them.

    TruenoAE86coupe Moderator

    I have some extra room HB, i will test whatever you want.
    If you are coming on the 14th, i will have my seed bank open, although you have most of it anyhow i imagine, and we can talk about anything you want to get tested.

    Csufan97 Active Member

    Hey homebrew thanks for the seed going to start her tomorrow hope that cookie treated you right. Peace

    homebrew420 Well-Known Member

    Good to hear gents. And ladies? Happy to get the seeds out.
    @trueno I will send the full updated list in a few days to our other home.

    @csu, it was great meeting you both and look forward to speaking again. And C is for cookie..tats good enough for me. Well done on those.

    @jus nat we should hook up some time and talk shop. I do most my meetings over beer so hope your into that scene as well. Equinox is where its at.

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    Kramer Chids

    Kramer Chids Active Member

    That is one amazing seed collection.
    Jus Naturale

    Jus Naturale Active Member

    Sounds good to me, man! I don't often drink beer, but when I do, it's a Fort Collins brew. :lol: I'll PM you soon!

    homebrew420 Well-Known Member

    I like that, Jus Nat. You should got lots of goodies to hand out to folks.
    Jus Naturale

    Jus Naturale Active Member

    I've got a few mutts to share, alright! Mostly NYC Diesels, Bruce Banners and "Darth Mauls." Hit me back and we'll go from there.

    RockyMtnMan Well-Known Member

    hey there, this is my first visit to the Colorado threads. I never looked down the page since it said "medical" and I am clearly recreational.
    I spend all my time on the cultivation and seed and strain review threads

    Hey homebrew, I'd be interested in sharing a couple things as well.
    I didn't read your strain list because the spacing was too difficult for me, but I have a purple pheno of Boss Hogg and I am looking for a nice HGK or other Kush variety.
    I have several others, but this is a hard one to find.
    I assume you receive many P.Ms so pm me if interested.
    I have a couple cuts ready to go.
    P.S. I live in the Foco area also.

    indipow82 Well-Known Member

    Okay, NoCo reppin' in tha hizzzouse! I got some Double Purple Doja Pinky phenos poppin right now. A Reno (Tahoe OG x Green Crack), Floja and not sure what is next in my sights from HB but it is all FIRE! Of course I am running my Original Fuck You Romulan Joe IBL Romulan cut, name is courtesy of HomeBrew! I got BshDctrs KshDctr which is a lifetime keeper if you got her and a secret sativa blend from MG. Also a A4 in the mix. Z7 and Moonshine Haze out back for funsies.

    Who else is growing the goodies around here?!
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    Raeofsun13 Well-Known Member

    So you got any pic's of them, we have a few packets of seeds from HB, just curious to see them, do you have a journal?
    Cujo van Beethoven

    Cujo van Beethoven Member

    poudre canyon checking in.

    indipow82 Well-Known Member

    The DPD Pinkies are just freshly germed, and everything else is in veg or just started flowering. Will post up a few pics shortly anyways and update every few weeks. The Reno is taking to the backyard pretty well. Stalk is beefing up and getting bushy slowly. Moonshine Haze is slow as well but looking really healthy and happy.

    Dankoala New Member

    Colorado Til' The Death Of Me!:weed:*My Head Cheese X O.G. Lemon Haze 1 week ago about 30 days into flowering ! Pictures after All Organic Banana Flowering Tea the day before. New update Tomorrow!
    Head Cheese X OG lmn Hz 7hrs ABT.jpg

    indipow82 Well-Known Member

    Hey Homebrew, Rae, Rocky and Jus, and anyone else in the FoCo/Loveland northern area... We should have a lil get together for us northern boys. I got a nice private backyard and cool neighbors. We could bbq, have a few drinks, etc... I want to get a nice little crew together up here so we can start having some fun in person and off the site on occassion! Anyone down, I know Homebrew is for sure, so is Hotsause and a few others.

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