Noticeable difference in flower with 2700K or 1750k?


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So now that my one tent will just be a flower tent. I was thinking of changing some of the COB colors.

I have a mix of 4x Vero29s in 3500k
8x citizen 1212s in 3000k and 3500k

Do guys think I will notice a difference if I maybe swapped a few citizens to 2700k and maybe a Vero29 in 1750K?

while I’m at it I have 200watts of CBX3950s in my veg tent. Ironically enough they are 2700k
Would I notice a difference in growth with say a 4000k in their ?

Rocket Soul

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The 1750 chaanges up the spectrum qquite a bit, it bringss in aa lot of reds and far reds.
2700k? Saw litttle difference between 3000k and 2700k in 80 cri, but i liked 2700k 90cri for flower. The 90 cri and the 1750k works in a similar way, it shifts the "red bump" towards more reds and far reds.
Not everyone would agree. If your doing lots of multistrain maybe best to keep to a 80 cri spectrum as how the Amount of extra stretch is a bit strain dependant.