Nova Ardent lift decarboxylator - DON'T BUY !!!

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by pppp1500, Apr 1, 2017.


    pppp1500 Member

    Nova Ardent lift decarboxylator - DON'T BUY !!!
    Just bought this item and after 1 single use, it is already not working, not heating anymore.

    That is only an expensive shit that is not even working. You can do better with your oven.

    Their customer service is awful; they couldn't care less and did not even reply.
    There was also plenty of overcharge in the shipping and I can say that I've been ripped.
    $300 in the garbage !

    DON'T BUY !!!!

    cindysid Well-Known Member

    I use an oven bag in the oven. Why did you think you might need special equipment? Not being a smart ass...just curious.

    Amaximus Well-Known Member

    A fool and their money...

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