NY Possession Laws


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Hey. Me and my wife are picking up a quarter-pound of dank in a little bit. The law states 3 ounces of marijuana for person 21 years or older. We are both legal age so will it be safe to say if the quarter pound is split into two 2 ounce bags. I would be in line with the law right? So I have a 2 ounce bag and my wife has a 2 ounce bag in the car? Im ok? Thanks

Currently riding dirty (need inspection. stupid sensor/wire issue) so I might get pulled over so want to make sure im legal at least with this thinking


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Yes each person can have up to 3 once’s at one time while traveling or walking around and can have up to 5lbs at their home. Just don’t omit to smoking while driving and they have no way of telling but that’s not legal advice either.