Ohio Growers Thread


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So we are hopefully looking at legalization here in ohio soon. Anyone from northeast Ohio?
I haven't been following this news or this site very closely for quite a while now. But yeah, we may finally be getting there. I think there is a possible citizen initiative (or two?) that has some hope of making the ballot. And last I heard, some of the jokers in Columbus were working on some presumably more restrictive form of legalization.

Weed really isn't a big part of my life currently, because an accident at work would subject me to a drug test, and I like my job. That really sucks, because I have a legitimate medical need, and not even legalization in OH will fix federal law. But I sure would like to supply the other patients I know, if I wouldn't have to worry about potentially losing my home or freedom. I have too much to risk to grow at home and sell/give to anyone right now.

Maybe this will be the year that we fix our stupid, antiquated laws to allow adults to self-medicate and grow a few beautiful little plants. That will pose some important new questions, like what strains to grow to balance yield, bag appeal, flavor, and overall effect, whether we'll be up against a low plant limit and need to grow huge monsters, and where rec. dispensaries will pop up, haha.