Ole lady got me a Puffco! Any tips?


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That's a nice gift. I've been looking at these for prob a year now. I want one so bad but I told myself to wait till I get my own rosin press.


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Man this thing is the only way to dab you guys. The ONLY way IMO. Any other method seems like it’s wasteful in comparison. Man a little rice grain size will last me four or five huge rips vs one dab in a banger! Amazing!
I have several enails and a 1st gen peak I've had for about 3 years now. They are both good for different things, but are certainly not interchangible. My enail is my daily driver and use it exclusively at home, peak is nice for using outside, going to friends places, basically anything where mobility is a factor. I have certainly taken my full enail set up places before, but given the option I'll almost always grab the peak and leave the enail at home. That being said I greatly prefer the general experience of an enail over a peak. It's less harsh, more cobtrollable, and the biggest facyor for me is the peak is a session type use while the enail is just always ready to go. I prefer to just sit down take a dab and leave and don't like waiting for heat ups, maybe I'm just impatient though. Ultimately, everyone will have their own opinion and ideal set up, but this is my 2 cents, hope it helps you out some.