Oregon Outdoor, 2021


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The Ethiopian is just starting to flower. Looks like a December harvest. Do not grow this strain outdoors at 45°N. It will not finish unless you use light deprivation early which I didn't. It's also one of the most finicky strains I've grown. But that's typical with many landraces that don't want you to do too much.

This particular plant was from a pack of regulars I sprouted a year ago. It was the runt. It survived last winter in the greenhouse. I'm going to let it finish somehow. It has high levels of THCV which is why I took a couple of clones. I did do a seed run indoors so I have genetics for the future. Not a high THC strain but it has other properties due to the high levels of THCV like many other African strains. It's a great early morning smoke that doesn't leave you lazy.

It doesn't look like much but I'll be happy with a couple jars of it.



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To paraphrase Ted Lasso, coming on here for me is kinda like standing at a urinal next to John Holmes... my little chargers are just STARTING to stack here in PDX - lotsa trauma this year, so much I just let a hermi seed from last year go to bud (I don't see any balls yet, so screw it).
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I have had a trouble-free grow this year and my plants are magnificent. Well, they were until I found budworms this afternoon. I saw some very small brown spots and closer inspection revealed a hole. I opened it up and found a couple of worms and the damage they did. It doesn't seem like they have done a lot of damage yet but it will slow down trimming for sure finding that shit and cutting it out. I doubt if there is any way to kill them but I'm all ears. Trichomes are all still clear and I don't know enough about these worms to know if I should harvest now or wait
another week or so. I don't know how fast they mature. What do you think?


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we lucked out this summer. I’m on the east side in HR.
Yeah this was a great year for us as far as weather goes other than the early high heat, sad to see the damage it caused to the conifers. We already had a mystery die off of dozens of old and young cedars then the heat came added stress to everything. Feel sorry for folks that lost old growth in their neighborhoods.