organic vs non organic smoke?

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    bluesx Member

    ive beeen wondering.. what is the difference between organic and non organic smoke? Ive heard of both but am wondering if one is more potent or different feeling once smoked? Thank you wanting to know so I can figure out what to grow.bongsmilie:weed:

    vilify Well-Known Member

    organics tends to have a sweeter, overall better taste. IMO

    potency really depends on the nutes. although on a very thorough nute comparison i read, organics supposedly topped everything else in potency. but sacrificed that for a bit of yield.

    cannatricks Active Member

    Do you want to spend endless hours learning how soil works and plan way ahead for problems you may have? If you don't here is what will happen.

    Chemical Nutes =
    read label
    use nutes
    go to rollitup when you have problems
    Fix problems immediately with nutes
    Smoke Weed.

    Organics =
    Mix Soil
    Realize you messed up and ask for help on rollitup
    pour organic material on soil for a week straight, watering like crazy.
    plant dies.
    Stupid Organics.

    But seriously, Organics is way better for costs, sustainability, and the warm fuzzy feeling of working with the earth.
    I've seen similar results with chemical and organic methods. (I have noticed usually chemical hydro is bigger and less potent)

    MalcolmMustang Well-Known Member

    I used to think that chems would yield more also. Then I switched to Organic and my yields have gone up. Then again.. so have my growing skills.
    Philly xG

    Philly xG Active Member

    if your talking about goin organic in nutes an ect, in my eyes thats not organic, cause having lights on 24/7 and then moving to flower mixing nute with water thats not natural.

    to me organic is taking a clone and throw it out side and watch it get huge thats why they call it weed, cause it deos what ever i can to survive i belive it will do what ever it can to survive.

    out here in oregon organic is outdoor, a little harsh at times and more of a yellow green to tan but theres some that willl kick you on your a$$! the only thing i dont like i can taste soil... im trying coco cause i heard i can reuse and i dont get bugs! hahaha simplest things are great!

    but yea organic throw a seed or clone out side and let mother nature take of it.. (at least thats how it is up here) trust me weeds learn to adapt quick

    MalcolmMustang Well-Known Member


    vilify Well-Known Member

    I have no issues with organic nutes of any kind. its no harder than chem nutes, and the benifits are far greater.
    never had a plant die, had a few micro nute problems, but that can and will happen to anyone with certain strains.

    ive never used chems, so i cant say yield wise, just what ive read. nothing you can say will get me to switch.

    That is called OUTDOOR growing. Organic nutes can indeed be organic. my nutes are bloodmeal, kelpmeal, all kinds of shit thrown into a bottle. if thats not organic nutes, idk what is.

    Tmac4302 Active Member

    I believe organic nutrients are nutrients derived from organic matter. Ie: bonemeal, bloodmeal, kelp, bat guano, worm castings, ect. It does not have to be outdoors. Much like hydroponics do not have to be indoors. Outdoor grown organic cannabis is by far the most "complete" high having had the UV rays maturate the trichomes past what indoor can do. Organic anything does and always will taste better than any hydroponically grown herb. Period. Hydroponic will get you the best yield and efficiency of the plant allowing more plants to be grown at peak performance of the plant. That is mostly based on the system it's grown in than the nutrients, though. Synthetic nutrients are mainly used to be easier on the hydroponic system itself than anything, imo. It's literally all the nutrients the plant needs, in a chelated formula that allows for the best up take by a root zone in an unbuffered medium (aka water/H2O). What lacks in a hydroponic system is the complex compounds that are derived from organic substances as they break down in the soil. This is what goes into turpene and flavinoid production in the plant. However, a good flush will solve the nutrient taste problem.

    cannatricks Active Member

    My comment was more of a joke then anything, I have killed a great many plants in my years anyone that says that they haven't either 1.) is a liar or 2.) doesn't have much experience

    Growing organically, if you want to do it right, does not mean growing with organically derived nutrients in bottles. It means mixing your own soil and fostering a microherd of bacteria and fungus; to break down your raw organic materials in the pot (or in the aerated tea) This will improve uptake of nutrients from soil over all (bacteria break it down, fungus move it around; and there have also been some great studies on increased uptake of P through mycorrhizal Fungi.

    Throwing some bottles of "organically labeled" nutrients into a pot of soil will not give you the same kind of yields and potency that doing it right and building your soil will. I see no difference between chemically extracted nutes, and organically extracted nutes, it's still chemical and you are losing the main benefit of growing organically in the first place. I'm not trying to knock on anyones style of grow, do what you do and love it. This is just me loving what I do.

    I was only joking that I have many times when we started our farm I wished for a bottle of miracle grow that would magically fix my problems, and sometimes it would have, but I wouldn't have the amazing crops I have now (through soil reuse over years, and greater breakdown of nutrients) The low cost of growing in the longhaul (I spend about $5 on soil nutrients per plant I would bet) additionally I'm never really worried anything that goes in my grow room. That extracted chemical stuff freaks me out.

    I think of my nutes like this, if I couldn't eat a little bit and be fine then it doesn't go on my plants. (Not that I do, just saying)

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