Outdoor Growing in Hawaii


Aloha all, and this will be my first post here on RIU. I got some seeds from SeaofSeeds online and they came in a couple weeks. They got good quality stuff and if you got your medical card, you should not worry. They even ship it discreet for a little more if you want. But these are my first grow with autoflower seeds, Ive been growing for a few years now and I think hawaii is the best place to grow high quality herbs. These plants you see are autoflower pineapple express, berry ryder, fruit automatic, and lemon juice express. I was also given kandy kush seeds and a White Widow x Blue Cheese. In hawaii you are allowed 7 plants, 4 flowering at once, but ive found popping a little more to be better because some are bound not to make it as the harshness of the outdoors can take some plants out.

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check out the hawaii growers thread in the outdoor section. we all hang out in there and shooot the shit. hardly any hawaii folk post here.


We should change that Dr. Greenhorn!

those look good kawa, i wanna know what you think about auto's in hawaiis sunlight~ donno how often you check this thing~


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Once upon a time, I lived in Kona. I love the fruit. Ever pick Macadamia nuts for a living?
Or coffee beans? There is a trick to growing weed in the Islands. You plant your seeds
and watch. There are two seasons on the islands. A summer season, which is the longest one,
and the winter one which takes about four months for the plants to mature.
Know why it is so easy to grow just about anything you want? The Dirt. Red volcanic soil.
I is so fertile and you can grow about anything you want. Like I said, it is to easy. If lucky,
you can produce a nice crop from about any street weed and it will produce collas
over a foot long and about an inch and a half wide. You have to understand that on
the big island, you can find almost every type of ecosystem on this planet.
This can be a nuisance when the area you are growing it gets about six inches of water a year.
I have been smoking weed when a nickel bag was just that, five dollars for a 1/4 ounce.
I have been waiting for marijuana to become legal so everyone could enjoy it and grow
it, for free. But I look at what has happened in places like Colorado, and still, it cost
three hundred dollars an ounce. You have turned what was supposed to be a social
experiment in something like Johnny Appleseed. But you have let your greed turn you into
a fucking capitalist. I understood how the price on the street would be so high when
you can be arrested for growing it. But it is legal. If you grow nice tomatoes in your
yard you can't expect to sell one for a hundred dollars. Why would you do such a terrible

thing? You are greedy republican capitalist. Shame on you.