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Hey guys and gals. I've been growing for myself and a couple of friends for a while. After my last move and some changes I haven't had as much success/consistancy. Think my tent is too hot (downsized). Anyways, my father has recently had some issues. He had a hip replacement and has also had blood clots. They were able to remove most of the clots via procedure, but he is going to have to live with some of them in his lower leg/calf.

He has been in a crap load of pain for a while and is not a fan of any of the pain pills. He is old school anti-pot and in a state that isn't a good state. I think I might be able to convert him, but I am looking for a little recommendations. I figure some edibles with maybe 1:1 TCH to CBD but I do worry that could be too much THC. Do any of you have any personal experiences or recommendations. He also has a history of arythmeia so I feel like too much THC could be a bad thing.

Thanks for any help. It is incredibly frustrating. His mother, my granny is in better shape at 93 than him at 74 even though he has been health conscience.
I am not far from states to get edibles I'm just kinda looking for recs on dosage.


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From my personal experience:

Many years ago I had a catastrophic accident with severe orthopedic trauma. I had many surgeries and was in a wheelchair for quite a while. I was prescribed basically whatever painkiller I wanted. I would always ween off of painkillers as soon as I could when I got out of the hospital.

I would switch to mmj when out of hospital. My preferred dose was between 50mg and 100mg 2 to 3 times per day as cookies or brownies, some from dispos and some from friends' grows. I would also smoke as I cared to. I didn't notice that the mmj dulled the pain so much as it just helped me relax and not be so overwhelmed with depression. It also helped me stay motivated with rehab workouts, which is basically what I did all day for a few years, except when recovering from a surgery.

Of all the painkillers I was prescribed, the one that was best for me is tramadol. It is an opioid, but it doesn't make you as loopy as the hydros and oxis. It definitely numbs the pain, but your mind stays pretty clear. It does have the negative side effect of constipation, but not as bad as hydros and oxis. I would take it with 600mg ibuprofen.

I hope you're able to find a working solution for your dad.

Good luck! Peace :peace:


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I think pain pills are appropriate for short term pain, not chronic, 24/7 pain. I've been on that " Hellbound train" years ago, with pain killers. You'll dig a hole so deep, you'll never get out......"been there, done that". I found out that if there is no remedy for the pain (besides pain pills, which are not sustainable) l had to get my brass balls out, put on my big boy pants, keep my head in check and do the best I can........accept it or suffer. RIU is a wonderful's downright therapeutic.


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I grow for my wife who suffers from Lupus, a very nasty problem that has no medical cure at the moment. She was like your dad, completely against cannabis. So I started messing around with certain strains that don’t have as strong of a cerebral effect. It wasn’t until I landed on the 1:1 strains that she began to come around to the idea that cannabis isn’t bad after all. 1:1 strains have an evenly distributed mental and body high, great for pain, inflammation, and a chance for the brains pain receptors to have a little break from constant pain. I highly recommend the 1:1 strains, whether in flower or edibles. Good luck, and hopefully your dad feels better and begins to have an open mind to the medicinal properties cannabis delivers.


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I was always told weed was a great pain reliever and as an old man who’s done lots of racing (and lots of crashing), I definitely have more than my fair share of pain. I never thought weed did anything for pain other than make it not matter so much. I hate pharma, so over the years I learned to live with my pain by “mind over matter”. There are lots of ancient mental remedies and with practice they really do work. A few months ago I had yet another surgery and I left with the usual bottle of opioids. Instead of dumping them in the trash like I normally do I decided to do a little experiment. The first day I took their bad dope, and sure enough they took away the pain. But at great cost it took me a day to get that crap out of my system. One pill. The third day after I got over my opioid hangover I tried weed with a clear head. Combined with my mental pain control methods weed is in my opinion by FAR the best choice. Not necessarily a scientific test but I sure convinced myself.


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Just found this i started growing to kick a long term methadone habit. Cannabis doesn't solve everything but it keeps me sane. I'm also disabled due to ptsd and stuff. Painkillers have their place but I hate them personally. Good luck man. :peace: