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Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by T.C. Bosby, Mar 26, 2016.

    T.C. Bosby

    T.C. Bosby Active Member

    I'm hoping to do a 24 or 32 plant perpetual SOG. The tent I have is a 3' x 3' x 6.3' Mammoth Dual (two chambers; veg and flowering). I will be growing in soil. The strain will be OG Kush. To achieve an approx. 1 week rooting time I would be using a device along the lines of EZ Clone ( The light I will be using for flowering is a 600 Watt HPS.

    From what I've read and researched, I've put together a proposed timeline. Opinions or feedback would be wonderful! Feel free to call me a newb or dumbass if needed. The ideal goal would be to harvest every 2 weeks after the initial 8 week flowering period for the first group.

    Day 1: Take 8 rooted clones (Group A) and put them in the veg. chamber.
    Day 7: Take cuttings from Group A for cloning. This will be Group B.
    Day 7: Repot Group A and place in flowering chamber.
    Day 14: Select 8 rooted clones from Group B and veg.
    Day 21: Take cuttings from Group B for cloning. This will be Group C.
    Day 21: Repot Group B and place in flowering chamber.
    Day 28: Select 8 rooted clones from Group C and veg.
    Day 35: Take cuttings from Group C for cloning. This will be Group D.
    Day 35: Repot Group C and place in flowering chamber.
    Day 42: Select 8 rooted clones from Group D and veg.
    Day 49: Take cuttings from Group D for cloning. This will be Group E.
    Day 49: Repot Group D and place in flowering chamber.
    Day 56: Select 8 rooted clones from Group E and veg.
    Day 63: Harvest Group A.
    Day 63: Take cuttings from Group E for cloning. This will be Group F.
    Day 63: Repot Group E and place in flowering chamber.
    Day 70: Select 8 rooted clones from Group E and veg.
    Day 77: Harvest Group B...

    And so on....

    Apologies for droning on. I just wanted to show that I at least have a basic understanding of what I'm asking as opposed to, "Hey! I'm new. Teach me how to do stuff now."

    Thanks again to everyone!
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    GrowinDad Well-Known Member

    Way overly optimistic from the start. When I take a cutting, I would say two weeks min before she is really growing anything above ground. Second, another 10-14 days (off the top of my head), before there is possibly anything there from which to cut clones.

    Also realize you need some node spacing/length to the cutting or else your clone success rate will falter. That means more time.

    I saw another post and so see you are a new grower. No criticism intended. My first question though is why bother with this scheme? Why not just grow a few normal plants in big pots, top and train, etc.?
    Anon Emaus

    Anon Emaus Well-Known Member

    Going along with what Growindad said.. You have a 3x3x6.3 tent and a 600w light. How many oz per month do you want? For example if you grew 16 oz and it took you 4 months that'd be 4oz per month, forget the perpetual just take total after x months and divide out. What's your per month yield goal?

    BionicΩChronic Well-Known Member

    Also you do realize that its ok to clone a clone but after you clone that clone you start to get less potent weaker plants with each gen. So basically like this
    Mother plant 100% genetic
    Clone of mother plant 100% genetic base
    Clone of clone 100% genetic base
    Clone of clone of clone 90% genetic base
    Clone of clone of clone of clone 80% and so on

    If it worked the way you think the seedbanks would be out of business.
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    T.C. Bosby

    T.C. Bosby Active Member

    Thanks for letting me know. I actually wasn't aware, hence the stupidity of my plan. Back to the drawing board.

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. Much appreciated.
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    BionicΩChronic Well-Known Member

    No problem man anytime
    Fast dog

    Fast dog Well-Known Member

    Your going to get pissed quickly having to water that many plants every other day if not every day trust me.
    T.C. Bosby

    T.C. Bosby Active Member

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    T.C. Bosby

    T.C. Bosby Active Member

    Embarrassingly enough I don't have a per month goal. The dumb answer would be, "As much as possible given my grow space." But in reviewing the feedback here and on previous posts, as we'll as more reading, I don't think I'm even in a position to guess or set some lofty number. I should be changing my focus to just setting a goal of growing a healthy plant and having a harvest to begin with. I figure if I grow a couple plants to a successful harvest, I'll have a better understanding of my strain and my skills, or lack thereof. And at that point I can set a goal based off of some empirical evidence.

    Thanks for the reality check!

    KLITE Well-Known Member

    The thing people dont realize with growing sog is that for it to be successful you need a constant and reliable supply of really good all as equal as possible clones. To me that means taking DOUBLE the clones im going to need and only pot the ones that are blasting with roots on day 10 to 15 (some strains take a few extra days), the ones that arent blasting with roots i throw away. Then if Im in a hurry ill put them under 400w metal halide and in usually 4 to 7 days with a heavy dose of humic and vitamin b complex theyre ready for going to flower room with a few more days of veg. If im not in a hurry couple of weeks under fluorescents seems to achieve similar readiness.
    I always have old mums i keep as genetic stock from which i make new mums from for production. I can usually take 30 to 50 decent cuttings from unpreviously cloned small mums and always start fresh mums a couple of months before i need the cuts. I always do keep a a few big mums in case i run short.
    Basically you need a big enough room to keep at least a couple of mums, and a space to give your clones a big of veg for that root space before transplanting onto bigger pot.
    Keep your mums and clones at 20 to 22C and high humidity and youll always have good rooting ratios!
    Also keep it simple and flower everything at once! Having everything at dif stages in same room is imo a fucking pain.

    ROLLING12 Member keep the moms in veg bro...she'll give you all the clones you need for your project for as long as you want!
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    Skunk Baxter

    Skunk Baxter Well-Known Member

    I hate to be the one to crack open this can of worms and start the pissing match that usually erupts around this subject, but that's really not true. It all depends on how you treat the clones. If you take a clone at the proper time from an unstressed plant, and cultivate it in a healthy manner before taking another clone, you can keep repeating the cycle throughout eternity. You're not changing the genetics of the plant by cloning it no matter how many times you clone it - but if the plants you're cloning from are unusually stressed, you can change the way the genes express themselves, so the clone may not grow out to be identical to the mother.

    Having said that, I agree that your proposed schedule is overly optimistic. You can't schedule things that tightly, in such a limited physical space, without having it blow up in your face at some point. On Day Such-and-such, when you really need to get a certain batch of clones into their spot in the flowering rotation, the plants they're replacing won't be ready. They'll need another week or whatever. And you try to adapt by doing something to keep the clones in limbo, but that fucks something else up, and on and on in a cascade.

    It really pays to give yourself some space, because the First Rule of Stuff is that "Stuff always takes longer than you think it's gong to take." Personally, when I'm planning something along those lines, I always build an extra couple of weeks into the timeline to absorbed unexpected complications, and believe me, I need those extra couple of weeks just about every time.

    Keep it simple, and take it easy - that way, you have time to observe, reflect, and learn. Growing cannabis is not about timetables and trying to squeeze the plant into them; it's about knowing the plant, knowing what it can do and what it needs from you to help it do that - and then once you do know it, using what you've learned to design a realistic schedule. Learning to grow cannabis is not like a math course, where all you need to do is read a bunch of books and memorize them. It's a lot more like learning to swim or ride a bicycle - you can read every book every written on it, but you don't really learn how to swim or ride a bike until you jump in the water or on a bike. Only then will you really understand all the things you read in the books.

    Good luck with your grow, and be sure to keep us all posted.
    T.C. Bosby

    T.C. Bosby Active Member

    Thanks everyone! I plan on starting my grow on 04/20. Seems fitting enough. I decided to keep the training wheels on for my first go around and just try and grow. I have a week to decide if I want to grow 6 plants in my 3' x 3' x 6'11" tent (just let them grow with some LST) or a 4 plant SCROG.

    I ALMOST turned into the newb who figures they'll grow 10 pounds in their first grow. I'll definitely be starting a grow journal for my first one.

    ROLLING12 Member

    for the grow journal there's a software called that a lot of people uses, however i cannot find it back on the forum for the download address...anyone has the link?
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    Dogenzengi Well-Known Member

    Partial photo of the table
    image.jpeg My 1st Widow flowering started on 3/3
    The next photos are of the Double Berrys from 3/3
    image.jpeg image.jpeg

    I set up my First SOG on 3/3 a Sun Hut Fortess tent, 5'9"x5'9"X 7'3" with a 600HPS and a 4'x4' flood table and a 40 gal. Resevoir.
    My hood is attached to a good fan and I have 3 - 10" fans moving air inside the tent.
    I dropped a 6" line from my home A/C set at 75 degrees into my tent, air coming from my drop is 65-68 degrees, a fan spreads the cold air across the tent under my light.
    I started with 4 plants and after my first clone roll out I had 25 plants at 1 month I took 16 more clones, 12 are in the tent and 4 are waiting to show root out of the 4" rock wool cubes. So I will have 4 plants to remove in about 30-40 days, all new strains in the SOG.
    Double Berry, The Widow and White Siberian,
    ( the white Siberian seems to take twice as long to flower compared with the other 2 strains)
    The heights of the plants is White Siberian are shortest and slowest then the Double Berry is about 10-12 inches tall and The Widow are tallest at about 14-16 inches.

    The two strains Double Berry and The Widow seem to flower at close to the same rate so far. Once the last 4 clones hit the table I will have a SOG with 41 plants.
    I am hoping to get close to 14 grams per plant once I have everything dialed in.

    I have 2' tall mothers under T-5s, a 416 watt 8 bulb panel.
    I have a smaller 3'x3' tent that I am using to root and veg my clones also under T-5s,
    1 90 Watt 4 bulb panel for rooting and 2 panels on during the 10 day veg waiting for roots to show from bottoms of the 4" cubes.

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    Dogenzengi Well-Known Member

    I popped a single seed of MasterKush 2 years ago and I cloned multiple times.
    I started out flowering the Moms at 2 months of veg and then that left me 2 months to grow back 4 clones so I had another plant to flower, I flowered every 9 weeks for over about 2 years. My Plants got better as I learned the strain, I never had a problem.
    Oh and I only work with Feminised seeds.

    The best batch I grew was in my new tent with the first clones.
    I smoked out a bunch of people and the general consensus was the last run of MK was my best ever.
    The last run was 4 plants in 3 gal containers trimmed heavily so I got less bud per root system.
    Each plant gave my 3 ounces so I got 12 ounces total.
    My prior Masterkush plants were 6-8 ounces per plant but they were not as good a smoke.


    platt Well-Known Member

    Platinum lowstress scissors:fire: u are not invisible

    btw consider cob tech for your 3x3 pls. A dimmable 150w cree light is enough to feed 4 sogs like yours. Little to zero spectrum shift issues :arrow:
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    GroDank101 Well-Known Member

    So, ideally you will want to keep the first plant you grow from breeder's seed as your mother plant. A clone shouldn't be a mother unless you have to, in other words, right?
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    qballizhere Well-Known Member

    Ambitious to say the least.
    I run a 24 plant perpetual grow and it will take a little to get up and running. I do not keep any moms but clone every round 2 weeks before flower. my flower room is 13'x16'x8'
    2 weeks in the cloner
    2 weeks in preveg area some strains will skip this step
    4 weeks veg 2 weeks before flip to flower cut clones again

    platt Well-Known Member

    pretty true, i like this post :cool:
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