perpetual veg


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can you inject cannabis with ink?
Sure you can. You can masterbate over your soil and feed with old spaghetti water if you want.
You hippies is all the sum.

I don't know what she dhow win wong. they is rallying.

they look so good, I wanna eat em

look like Candy

maybe I was over watering, one got the deepest green I ever see.

so I'm leaving colas on the floor, mixed with Paddy cars, scandals and coconut poop on the teach Craw.

I think maybe, I'm finally getting there. If I do, Umm gonna post me Victory pics all over the wombs and wreck comes.

Yous knows Is gonna be Legal in 6 months?

Eat your punning Red lebanese hearts out tough their Buckets

I go doll the Body Electric, haunty, original I affectionate

my crazy mama called me last night to say she missed her Mexican torpedo (Annie, yahane)

all my women are bringin the maybe Home to Jerome

My Lucky Cock Cave Vim's Twitching, feel it in me Peel limb

I'm gonna be a credit to Rollitup

I intend to make you CAVED me many.

Sifting through on me Sufi

Eying that schuck tar like a wide open subtle ER