Phlizon Grow Light

Phlizon LED Grow Light

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Hi, everyone!We are Phlizon manufacturer, engaged in indoor grow equipment: LED GROW LIGHT and other Grow Kits.

We have Phlizon Factory - Located in China. We have powerful OEM/ODM capabilities, and quality control system. We are direct-to-customers and offer quality and affordable grow lights for growers, you could get the quality grow lights from Phlizon with best price.
We have Global warehouse - Located in USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Thailand worldwide shipping available.
We have Professional team - R&D, production, sales, and service. You can order and use our products with complete confidence.

Phlizon LED Grow Lights:
Factory direct sales, no middlemen to earn the difference
Full spectrum with IR
Dimmer knob
Multi-connect function
3-7 Business Days Free Shipping
3 Year Warranty

Glad to join Rollitup and meet you all here. Welcome to express your opinions about our products or growing freely.
Let's learn and grow together!:D