Phlizon September Giveaway - PL4500 450W!


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My growing tip is when staking the branches out you remove all the fan leaves on the inside of the branch so the light reaches all the way down to the bottom of the branch Leaving the fan leaves on the outside of the stem to feed the plant.. this plant is a Mephisto forum stomper just starting to flower in a 4x4 tent. Under 300 wt led


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My tip is "KIS". Which means keep it simple, it is a weed after all and as long as it has its basic good light, good air and good water in good soil it will grow nice and healthy.

By the way the phlizon pl4500 450 looks like a great light, love the ir and uv on it. That's a very good touch to the light. Good work guys.

Im a UK chap #phlizon
Thanks man.
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